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Please note that I do not directly control the nature of the following websites, and I cannot be held responsible for any problems that result from observing the websites below:

Professional Contacts

Emkay's Website

A Unix, Java, PHP and .NET programmer who I sometimes exchange ideas with. This person has quite a few projects including a Java applet for Tetris (High Scores as well), a 2D Sprite based tile-set creator (Gemapis) as well as many useful scripts.


James Charters

A Monash University graduate and fellow team member in developing the Industry Experience project. Has strong skills in Visual Studio .NET Development pertaining to C# (ASP.NET, WinForms and Mobile).


Friends and Leisure

DasBok's Website

A cluey technical person and avid Quake player. Keeps his blog up to date.



A friendly LAN Group in Frankston. Hoping to run a few combined LAN's with them.


An Organised LAN Group run by DasBok, Kabiigon, Manevik and Watto.


Useful E-Commerce Websites:

Catch of the Day

Although not very often, this website can have some really good bargains.



A list of bargains from all around the country. As it is community driven, some really good deals come up from time to time.


 Suntrom Computer Services

A trusty computer supplier I have used since 2001. It certainly beats waiting in line for 30+ minutes at MSY or CentreCom. Located in Mt. Waverley, just off the Monash Fwy and Blackburn Road.


Online Communities

Bus Australia

I take a number of buses for part of my commute to work and this forum is particularly useful for working out if I'm going to arrive on time (or not!!!). Also handy for finding out about new routes, and if you like - photos of new transport.


RailPage Australia

Much like the Bus Australia one above, helpful to work out routes to work, and quite a laugh when flame wars break out (and drag on for pages with people who think they can write professionally).


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