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Per Hour Hosting (16/07/2009 07:55:41 PM)

This is just a quick shoutout to "The Rack Space Cloud". Now here's an idea that I would have initially thought who would bother (long term hosting would result in a very expensive server indeed!), but for Video and Audio streaming, it's not a bad idea at all. How would you like to get access to a server that costs you $0.22 per GB transferred, 1.5c per hour per 256MB RAM required? Well, it turns out that video streaming for a client of mine will be really cheap.

A server that costs 6c per Hour (1024MB of RAM), 22c per GB Transferred (a 256kbps stream should work out to be 60-80MB per user, multiplied by 100 users = 6,000MB to 8,000MB per session). So far, $1.76 per session + 18c per session (to set up, run a script) = a total streaming amount of ... $1.94 USD for 100 users to stream 45 minutes of video.

Anyway, it's a pretty nifty idea... could probably use these as temporary game servers as well! Check out anyway.

Also - SAN LAN is on August 1st 10:00AM to August 2nd 3:00PM. Register at ASAP!

- - Craig Mattson

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