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Train Tracker Update (04/06/2012 12:30:15 PM)
Hmm... looks like some people aren't happy with the intention of Melbourne Train Tracker for Windows Phone (app here). I'm starting to look at implementing something to the effect. The app doesn't promise Time Tables yet, but happy to investigate! Stay tuned.

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An Anticipated Delay (07/06/2009 04:36:37 PM)

Here's one for the books! An "anticipated" delay as opposed to a confirmed delay. See for yourself:


Question: How does an anticipated delay help anyone? That kind of suggests that if the service is on time, that the train will leave. Lets face it, there's bugger all to do in Warragul at the Train Station - if it was confirmed late, then you could go and do something useful - such as eat at Subway (closest slow fast food).

Edit (09 / 06 / 2009): Turns out that V/Line is using the term yet again this-morning! Straight from my inbox:


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