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Moving on... thoughts, etc... (28/11/2009 07:07:33 PM)

Hi All,

Most of you know by now that I'm moving out of Neerim South to Edithvale in the next few days - that's why I've been a little quiet on the blogging front. Today, I've finally finished my furniture shopping which included new Sony Bravia LCD Television, Sony PlayStation 3 (part of some redemption offer), Fridge, Tumble Dryer, Washing Machine, Leather Couch and Queen Size Bed. All of the above is new (believe it or not, I'm not that much of a tightass it turns out!) and I think in total, I'm just under about $7,000 for the lot delivered.

The move will be good. Apart from being about 100km closer to work (each direction), I'll have a little more time to myself (sure, I'll have to cook dinner, wash clothes, clean) and a chance hopefully to settle down once and for all. Things have been a little crazy (as most of you know), and I appreciate the support some of you have given me through those times (be it you've taken on work, tell me to settle down or just simply listen). I promise the volume of whinging will drop in the coming weeks (at least I'm working on it!) and hopefully I'll start to be a little more energetic and outgoing.

So where to from here? Well - maybe kind of jumping the gun here - but given I'm in the city, close to the beach and Moorabbin, I'm considering some hobbies. I'm at the realisation that Pubs and Clubs just aren't for me, so how do I still get out and meet people?

Become a Pilot:

Turns out that there's a few flight schools around that for about $10,000 I can learn to fly a plane. Hoping that my eyesight will pass me (and that I'm in good health - no diabetes please!), and that I can after 6-12 months, take passengers with me. I've always wanted to be a pilot, and given I live a few km's up the road, now's the chance to get out and start flying.

Start a Band / Find a Band:

Possible, not likely though. I'm kind of hunting for people interested in playing more as a talent-style thing, video game music. Sure, it's completely nerdy - but come on - it's pretty cool to hear something you wouldn't normally expect to hear. Anyway - I'll see what the progress on this one is like.

Join Facebook:

Well, there is only ONE other person I know of who would be within 5 years of my age bracket who doesn't have a facebook. I'm sick of being hassled for it. I might join it, just really not interested in talking to my former conglomerates which kind of makes it almost pointless even having one. *Sigh* another thing to maintain possibly. Maybe one day, I'll be p***ed enough to sign up for one.

Join a Gym / Start a Sport:

Hmm... yeah right. Me? Ok... really got to sit down and work that one out.

Suggestions ???

Well, come on... clearly I'm not big on ideas. Maybe you guys / girls can help me out here. Trying to find some hobbies that I might be interested in. You know how to contact me.

Well  I'd better get back to packing stuff up.

Craig Mattson.

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The Sims 3 on Macintosh (08/11/2009 07:21:20 AM)

Hi All,

Just a quick note for anyone considering Windows gaming on a Macintosh. Last night, I installed The Sims 3 to my Mac, and after investigating how it is installed - it turns out that Cedega (from Transgaming) is installed as a layer to allow The Sims 3 to run! What does this mean? It may be possible to install many other games on Mac using the launcher for The Sims 3!

It also means that The Sims 3 has the potential to run on Linux. Obviously the binaries for Mac will be tailored for Leopard and higher, so it won't be as easy as copy / paste the binaries over, but with The Sims 3 running reliably and smoothly (1280 x 800 x Medium-High Detail on a 9400GT), it may mean that other games can run almost natively as well.

So yeah - I have some playing to do tonight!

Craig Mattson.

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