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What you see is what you get (30/12/2008 11:23:29 PM)

Here it is... the long awaited update since 2007... my new website layout. Basically I've tried to personalise the look and feel more-so than looking like "every other" content management system that I produce. Whilst I will miss the old colours, I believe my website should be more of a portfolio than a website. That's exactly why it looks more like a blog, and less like some corporate website (even if the colour scheme wasn't exactly corporate(ish).

I've finished University completely now, and am not looking (at this stage) to go back. Maybe in the future, but now's the time to hone in on my IT skills, start gaining some business acumen and hopefully start down the path of becoming an IT Consultant / Project Manager in the future.

New website = new blog posts, and here's hoping I can keep up with it like I did back in 2007. Tips and Tricks to come, especially with my new found interest in XNA and Xbox 360 Software Development! I might even bring back some PHP / MySQL tips and tricks, as well as starting to create a few ASP.Net applications after my Industry Project.

So yeah, everyone (who still attempts to read this) - happy new year!

-- Craig Mattson

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