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SANLAN Over (02/08/2009 08:21:13 PM)

img_1_500Ok... so I'm right to make a quick blog post now about SAN-LAN this weekend. With GreenTubeLAN pretty much at an end and with DLC just looking at somewhere to be, SAN-LAN kicked off their first LAN in Frankston. The LAN had a turnout of about 40 people all up with your regular GreenTubeLAN / DLC-Lan atmosphere.

So here's the details - we had a fully Gigabit network distributed over a HP Procurve switch (thanks to Sleeper for organising that!) and three 3com Managed Gigabit Switches sponsored by 3com themselves. Network performance was very stable, aided by the fact that there were probably 12 on each Gigabit switch gave us all you could ask for (however, we had a Procurve with a backbone capacity of 36.4Gbps - need to get some patchwork happening!). The power capacity was not a problem at this LAN *touch wood*, and now that we know there is a 32A Three-Phase outlet in the factory / dance studio, there is probably a realistic capacity of 70 people.

The turnout was pretty good - 40 all up is not a bad number to get a few games happening. Clearly, the LAN was more social than gaming, but when the competitions start - you can guarantee that most people were in on some game. The FlatOut 2 competition was pretty well run - 3 races at 3 laps got people interested! Call of Duty 4 as far as I know ran pretty well with minimal hiccups (I'd imagine those who wanted to play CoD 4 were prepared for it!). All the fun really started to kick off at around about 6PM with most people having fun in some way or another.

Tip for those registering - registering with names such as m_0n_ash and Navg@rash and using m_0N_ash at the LAN and paying as Navg@rash ends up with announcements such as "Do we have a Monash in the building?". Most hilarious over the PA when an entity as asked for.

Food was great - and available in a very large quantity. However, after eating a Hungry Jacks Ultimate Double Whopper meal that morning - there was no way I could eat anything between Lunch Saturday and Dinner Sunday. Most disappointing as it is hard to not accept free food. Anyway - I must remember there is a Charcoal Chicken in Belvedere - as great as Nando's is, the meals prepared for lunch at Charcoal Chicken look most delicious.

img_2_500A nice surprise to see was Unreal Tournament making a comeback at this LAN. When a few guys start, there's alot of interest. Unfortunately with other commitments for Sunday - I couldn't stay the night - so that was a disappointment.

Anyway - thumbs up from me - worth going to again, and kudos to Neon for running a LAN single-handedly. It takes a LOT of effort to pull it off, but things remained fairly under control. However, if SAN-LAN is to grow, a team of Admin will need to be assembled. No - that doesn't mean me!!! If you're interested in running a LAN, can commit to 3-4 LAN's a year, have reasonable technical troubleshooting skills then - I'm sure there are plenty of ways you can help out.

So yeah - next LAN I'll probably be at is Respawn if I can get a spot on August 15th. Probably only be there for Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Craig Mattson.

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