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New Keyboard In!!! (05/08/2009 06:51:58 PM)

Just a quick note to say that after four months since ordering, my keyboard finally arrived yesterday via DHL. It's a pretty unique keyboard (not one you can just buy off the shelf) - and even rarer that Lenovo managed to run out of them!!! Anyway... it's basically the equivalent of the IBM ThinkPad T40 keyboard - with a numberpad. So, now I'm just getting used to the fact I am using a laptop keyboard on a PC.


In other news, I thought I would try an experiment tonight. Upon leaving work at 5:00pm, it takes roughly 10 minutes from leaving work to get to North Richmond Station. The distance isn't that far - as you can see in the image below, 1.6km is the distance between the Tram Stops. According to my iPhone, the average speed in Peak Hour is 10.4km/h, or roughly double the speed of [power] walking. Ironically, the time waiting at the Tram Stop when the tram is delayed (usually shows up at 5:10pm), it would be comparable to walk the distance as it is to take the tram's rather pathetic 10.4km/h.


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