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OMG Portfolio Updated (29/07/2007 09:30:46 PM)
Well, another website is finished which is good and now I have decided to redo my Portfolio page. No news today yet :)

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Irony on the internet? (28/07/2007 10:28:40 AM)

Is it just me, or is this post hypocritical of itself?

......have read these stuff what whining people is saying. They're assholes who's bitching for nothing. The project what team is doing is free for us, and no-one dosnt pay to them, so they are free to do the mod when they want. I agree with that people wants this mod, but whining wont do the mod relasing faster. So stop whining and start to stimulate team, so they maybe would do something. But i would wanna too to get an update or some page, witch would tell us how the mod is going and stuff, not like updates, just telling what problems is and maybe when it's going to be finished.

I wonder if by any chance this guy himself would stop whinging? This is also from the same forums:

you're all idiots, learn to wait and stfu, end of.

Recon this guy would do the same? I suppose my point is I understand the concept of telling a group to shut up, but to add additional remarks like these 2 posts do is just absurd. That's like me saying something like STOP POSTING WHINGES!!! Think that's absurd? Check this one out:

every update produces like 100+ comments from guys whining for not releasing and additional 100+ comments from guys whining back to the whiners not to whine.
thats so sick. as if you could change something!

so what can we do? well, check the site once a month. then see - most likely - no progress at all. then leave the site. when its october grab a <console> and <game>.

and: as i am now commenting i can't refrain from giving another opinion:
obviously fanbase means shit to the <project> team - and the guy saying that there is communication (meaning the few comments in the forum) is the most sick of them all. i mean u can't tell this communication - no infos at all on any progress, no information what they are doing right now, no dev blog. we don't even know who is still in the team. oh i forgot: everyday they give us a fuckin picture showing them playing <game>. wow. if i want to see nice pictures i check so long

This is my favourite of all for obvious reasons. Not only does he whinge about the whingers, but he also manages to whinge about the whingers whinging. What makes me laugh even more is that people whinged about this guys whinge on top of his whinges... Following?


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Todays antics (27/07/2007 10:38:30 AM)

Hi all,

Well - today I had my first interview for any job (yes - that's correct, my first interview for a job) and well I suppose things went wellish (how am I supposed to know if I went good or not. I answered questions without boring the interviewer(s)) and well I suppose I find it all out whether I got the job (or not) on Wednesday. Anyway - now it is up to the referees and well I suppose this will be the test to see how satisfied some of my clients have been with my work. A little unsure of how it'll pan out (again, refer to the first interview component :D) so yeah - either way, I'll end up getting a position somewhere, someday, somehow......

Today's networking class was strange to say the least... Yet again work with ethereal revealed that many websites, including the famous MySpace send your password completely unencrypted in a network such that your POST requests well... are sent in plain text. This basically means if it's not a http, then programs like ethereal are going to well - turn up the password some way or another.

After observing it, you certainly don't want to be at a school, internet cafe or library (unless you use SSH for tunneling or some form of VPN) using MySpace... I would have thought they would have had an SSL layer for logins or even javascript for encryption atleast... but yeah - you've been warned ;)

This weekend I endeavour to have all clientel up to date with websites so that I can sit down and get a Tutorial knocked up for this weekends Marratech class 1:00PM Sunday :) Feel free to join in, I think I'll be covering the Assignment...

Anyway, sleepy times...


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MSY Damn You!!!! (26/07/2007 09:21:02 AM)

Today really has ticked me off in regards to MSY and the entire run around I have been doing for the past 4 weeks for clients. Today started out by me driving down to Caulfield for the first time with the total cost of the trip at $39.00 (versus my usual train ticket of $7.80) in both fuel and parking *sigh* and the reason to drive was to get some "stuff" for a Job interview I have tomorrow for a plumbing company at Clayton for IT Software Support (finally an interview for an IT position Surprised).

Anyway, once I got all of my "things" (Fountain Gate truly does suck for both parking and the 'right' shops), I went straight to MSY. I thought I'd be smart and turn off at Stud Rd, and move up Wellington Rd to MSY to avoid traffic congestion but as fate would have it, not 1, not 2 but 3 separate lane closures (1 on Stud, 2 on Wellington) brang traffic to a stand still.

I got to MSY, parked, walked in and waited about 30 minutes before I was served. I enquired about laptop bags for one of my clients and they just told me to go over to the wall where they were and well - yeah... I have a look and I can tell you now... I'm not PAYING $25 for nothing more than a neoprene folderish type of bag. Anyway, went back to CentreCom on Springvale Rd and well, they had no laptop bags so I just left.

I then went up to Suntrom (my favourite computer store) and well, they had laptop bags and I even asked to see them. When they shown me what they were, all well and good! Exactly what I was after at the right price as well. It's pretty pathetic when it comes to going to a store I normally by used/refurb'd PC's from to buy things I wouldn't expect them to stock. Not only do they actually have things in stock, but I'm not treated like a complete moron when going in there! So yeah, I think it's back to getting everything from Suntrom (even if they are a tad bit dearer, their customer service level is fantastic and always has been...)

Anyway, got to Caulfield, lecture was boring, Vista crashed XP and itself, Linux and Mac booted, lecture was boring, I browsed the internet, boring lecture followed by a boring tutorial that James snapped in (for all the right reasons Wink - how does reviewing a paper directly effect networking protocols I have no idea). Oh well, wish me luck - I may have money to continue uni shortly! (Still waiting for my tax return).

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University Menu Added (16/07/2007 09:08:13 AM)

Hi all,

Due to my recent tutorials that will run parallel to 2 different units this semester, I have put a link in the menu before Links to UNIVERSITY. This will contain basically all of the material for the 2 units I will attempt to tutor. Hopefully I can pull it off hey :)


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Long time no post (03/07/2007 08:26:53 AM)

754326804_cf39dc61e3_400Hi all,

Thought I would make a post as I have been busy over the past 3 weeks that has prevented me to even make a small update on this website. So where to begin...


Well, all 4 exams are finally down and well - they were all too easy. The Unix exam out of the lot of them was the most appropriate though testing all aspects of the unit, not specific portions. My theory on an exam is that it should cover everything to test what you know, not what you don't know. For instance, a student who attends all lectures and tutorials and studys say 90% of the course work should be able to get a pretty decent mark of about what the person has studied - however there are occasions where exams will study 5-10% of the subject area that the person did NOT study causing them to get a substantially lower mark despite what they learned.

I suppose I'm lucky in a way - I know enough about computing to simply walk in, sit down, write and walk out with fairly minimalistic study in any subject but time and time again - I see fellow students split down the middle of what is easy and what is not. Infact, some have even said they didn't study much at all and were able to assume they did exceptionally well whereas someone who hadn't done well claimed to have studied. This didn't happen at the end of the Unix exam surprisingly.

Network Administration on the other hand was very practical based - and for the first time in my life I have seen Bonus marks on an exam worth more than 10% of the final mark (ie 15 marks out of 95 - that is a substantial amount). I could have done did that exam off the top of my head so it'll be interesting to see how I went in that one.

System Analysis and Design was an interesting exam - no tricks, but as it's analysis (and I spent about 0% of my time studying for it), I don't know how I will have gone here. My guess is after the course restructure, not as well as desired.

Introduction to Security was a strange one. It did seem to test what someone didn't know rather than what was known. It was also the poorest designed exam paper I have ever dealt with (even more so than the random whiteboard exam questions in Year 8 for English hehehe). The simple fact is, if we are expected to do an exam, how the hell are we meant to know if we are to circle answers in the book (given no answer sheet is provided), draw a diagram (without a nice blank sheet of paper) or even write a legible answer down (with no lines for guiding). I think I did exceptionally well on that exam, but who knows - when questions come up that I swear were never covered in the course, well - yeah.


Well, for the last 2 weeks (and the next 2) I have no work which is really pissing me off. Just one day a week to get $75 a week would suffice at the moment to pay some small bills and travel expenses as I go but noooooo - the only time I have a break, and I can't find work *mutters words*. So I'm back on the job hunt - probably look for help desk positions whilst I'm still in the black.


Exactly 10 months and 1 day after my accident where I caused $12,000 damage all up, well I finally brought another car. 1990 Holden Commodore VN Executive and well - it has 4 wheels and goes, so now I'm mobile again! Given I'm mobile, maybe I can score some free fuel doing some night shifts at petrol stations hehehe....


Well, GreenTubeLAN 6 has been and gone and mostly due to not having a working OS at the LAN party, I had about 10 minutes of gaming on Yousef's laptop during the night. The rest was running around for people (which given the limiting budget came out of my god-damned pocket... damn you petrol prices!!!) but not all is bad - I still thoroughly enjoyed the night. Atleast we had something we didn't have at the other LAN's, People and CAKE!!!

So when is the next LAN? I don't know - depends how I'm going money wise but I anticipate middle of August for the next one which will be a Cheap As(s) one whereby it'll be 12 hours, no servers (apart from INTRANET for DHCP and BITSERVER for my own personal use). Maybe at this one, I'll get to play GAMES!!! HEHE...


Uh... just installing my laptop at the moment and have a paper trail a mile long full of tasks to do for clients (namely polish and update some client websites for the new financial year) hehe...


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