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GTA IV weighs twice as much as me!!! (05/04/2009 07:54:03 PM)

floppy_394When I am bored, sometimes I sit down and think of something to calculate. So today, I did just that - I got out GTA IV DVD's. Now lets face it, how I come up with things is even beyond me - today's comparison was how many Floppy Disks would it take to store GTA IV. So here's the result:

GTA IV DVD1: 7,553,034,240 bytes
GTA IV DVD2: 7,313,483,776 bytes
Floppy Disk (1.44MB): 1,474,560 bytes (remember, there is a file system overhead!)

If you wanted to factor in spanning using ZIP, then you would have to add header bytes and spanning into your equasion (header once, spanning * number of disks).

Total Size: 14,866,518,016 bytes
Total Disks: 10,082.003 (Technically, this would be 10,083 disks).

No where has the exact weight of a floppy disk, but it is acceptable that 10 Floppy Disks in a box weigh 200g, so minus the weight of the box (say 2.5 FDD's worth) = 150g / 10 = 15g.

Total Weight: 10,083 x 15g = 151.245 Kg

So... That's the equivalent to double my weight! Now to work out how long approximately it would take to install...

If a floppy disk has 80 tracks, latency is ~100ms, access/stroke time is ~900ms and track to track access time is ~140ms, it takes approximately 1.140s to read a full track (these values are experimental and are not intended to be accurate by ANY means!!!). So... 1.140s x 80 = 91.2 Seconds or 1.52 minutes. Add the time to change the floppy disk and to click OK, + 10 seconds.

Total Time: 1.62 x 10,082 = 16,332.84 minutes OR 272.21 hours OR 11.34 days.

This is not taking into account either a CRC error on some disk in the middle. So there you have it. All I can say is:

Thank God for DVD's.

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