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End of 2007 (31/12/2007 06:23:34 AM)

So, another year down. Well, it was at the time of the post, so what am I doing? Well given I am posting this entry now, one could be thinking he's doing nothing special. You'd be right. Currently, I'm staring at the following:


If I tilt my head 90 degrees to the left, I see this:


So that explain what I'm doing for New Years Eve? Just sitting in my room, mucking about with computers trying desperately to get my Content Management System Version 3.0 finalised for use in the new year. Anyway, here are the random snarls over the last two weeks:


Yep, first topic is stupid dumb trains and their operators (yes, I realise Trains are objects without the ability to utilise any form of memory - thus invalidating the term dumb). It appears as if V/Line are not allowed to run their trains passed Pakenham causing me to waste valuable money in Petrol to travel to work the past week. Why have I driven? Well, to put it bluntly, trains on a weekend or public holiday timetable (letalone the free transport offered lately) would cause me to miss my bus connecting to work ontime. Weekdays should be fine and I will ofcourse test this myth out on Wednesday.


Work has been up and down like a yoyo. What is the point of running shifts that finish at like... 10:30AM? Or better still, todays 9:12AM! Whilst it means I have the rest of the day to do important things like shop for Christmas presents, buy myself an LCD or run around finding my brother parts for his PC, the trip in and out is just so boring. There's no form of civilisation until just before the turnoff to Monash Berwick! That's 60km of nothingness except cars overtaking me when I'm not exactly driving like a grandma.


Yeah, that thing called Christmas happened - lots of stress, running around and many more car trips planned (I had planned a total of zero and managed every day from Thursday to Monday). All for what? A morning of opening all those presents and having a lunch... almost like any other day on the calendar. It's all nice and fun to have Christmas and what ever, but is the prior week(s) (months for some families) of organisation really worth it in the end? Letalone all that money to make a single day special? Don't get me wrong, I'm not bagging out Christmas, but it just doesn't make sense to me atleast as per why people rack up huge debts to make someone happy for the day, letalone the stress before hand.

Hell, it taken me on the Saturday 45 minutes just to move 500m down the road from the Dandenong Market. All because some people didn't use their brains (maybe they should rely less on their kidneys) to work out that going through the town = not going to work. Seriously! Once I got to the end of the street, and still seen traffic banked up like no tomorrow, I was able to turn right, go up a few small residential streets and on the M1 towards Warragul in about 2 minutes. Rubbish!

Anyway - I'm really buggered, tired etc... I don't think I'll be up to see the new 2008 but yeah. One things for sure, nothing below a HD (overall mark) and definitely 1440x900 and 1280x800 are my new years resolutions (saved up around the $10,000 mark to buy a house for 2008 is my real sane resolution) ;) for 2008.

Happy New Years Peoples who can be stuffed to read this :) 

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The last month (15/12/2007 06:56:52 AM)

nokia63001_400Hi all,

I suppose you are wondering (or not) why there's no post here? Yeah, thought so too - probably not! Anyway, so much to say, so little time - but whilst I have the next few days off work, I may aswell spew it all out here.

University Results

Well, I suppose it all began with receiving my marks in amongst all the other rigmarol with work at the time. As to be expected, I passed everything... actually I kinda HD'd everything yet again (there won't be any top of the uni letters this round, but I'm remarkably happy with one unit in particular; I did NOT expect to HD Information Technology Project Management at all even if my marks for all three assignments would have suggested otherwise. That was one class that was just imperitively difficult to get to - but all in all, I got through - without doing much work at all yet again :)


It feels like a long time since finishing uni (and I honestly wish I was back there just to have an excuse to cut back on work), but whilst there is no uni, it's a perfect opportunity to save up for future plans. The plan is to save up $10,000 between now and the end of 2008 so that I can move into a full time job ($45,000-$65,000 would seem to be the norm - especially for someone as highly equipped with the necessary skills such as myself) and have a deposit on a house, most likely in the Trafalgar/Moe area (due to low housing costs/better access to public transport than my area).

Somewhere in amongst all of this, I was promoted to 2IC (Second In Command for those who don't speak the lingo) for Saturday work, including what appears to be a supervising role for New Years Eve according to my latest roster (bring on the whopping $2 per hour pay rise). The offer for 2IC couldn't have come at a better time though - I was planning on taking up an IT position to mingle in with work, but it looks like they have the hours and willing to put me on, so I'll stay where I am for the time being!

Yes, the work is still brain-numbingly boring, but what-the-hey, I get paid too well to knock it back!

GreenTubeLAN 7

Last weekend was GreenTubeLAN, and it was by far, the best fun I have had for ages! I actually got to play Flatout 2 Multiplayer with :o other real people (even if somehow I only came second in my school bus out of 7 others - and I was beaten BY A GIRL!) - but seriously, it really was fun. I even found myself killing lots of people in Quake 3 Arena on a model of our old venue. All in all, was quite fun excluding the fact that I think I myself am over these overnight LAN's that finish 10AM Sunday.

There's a hint too of a Warragul one coming up, probably during the day (due to our packup being approximately 1 hour) for a period of 12 hours. If we sit down and investigate GreenTubeLAN, we seem to only ever force 11 hours of gaming (2PM to 1AM), so maybe we can do a 6:00AM to Midnight to get gaming happening from 10:00AM to 10:00PM. I think it could work, but it would be a Sunday (have to cut back my weekends).

New Mobile Phone

Yeah, not exactly new news now, but I signed up for a $20 cap through Virgin Mobile. Basically I got a Nokia 6300 (pictured above), a free iPod shuffle and $50 worth of calls a month. I figured I should just sign up for a cap because I was spending in the last two months about $20 a month, so why not get a free phone with it that ACTUALLY WORKS?!?!?! So I did, and wow - I've used many Nokia's (most I found pretty difficult in terms of layout), but this one - too easy. It actually felt like my Motorola's easy menu system when I first picked it up, and it even runs NES games :D So, yeah - I'm happy. The camera is reasonable... for train picture taking just so I can rub it in on Zer0 that I take a Hitachi to work, and he has to put up with random cat-pi$$ smelling Sprinters :)

So yeah, the phone is nice, and despite being thin actually has some form of weight and size.

ALDI in Warragul

About freakin' time we get something new in Warragul since The Warehouse all those years ago (and I think Subway around that time too). Consequently, it's almost directly above the Railway corridor so there's a perfect photo point *wink wink, nudge nudge Nic* for any trains coming through. Anyway, when they have specials, they HAVE SPECIALS, and the best thing about it being in Warragul, is the same reason any retail outlet that has something new in the area does. Basically, when something is out of stock in Melbourne, you can guarantee it's still in stock, and in a pile rurally.

They have some 22" LCD's I am waiting to drop to the $249 mark. Once that's done, guess what I end up getting :)


Ok, so here's the part about where I am at. I seriously feel so drained of energy it's not funny. These 5:30AM starts are really starting to eat me alive, which wasn't assisted too greatly by loud *doof doof* music, cars reving in the area, taking the weekend off by running an all night LAN Party and the fact that certain stability/hosting issues start happening with *some* client websites that I cop the blame for. Between the last 3-4 weeks of stupendously long weeks, lots of train travel (which doesn't bother me ofcourse :)), and trying to do the right thing by people doesn't seem to be paying off too well.

Infact, it seems to be having the reverse effect. I won't go into too much detail here because nothing is finalised yet (and I don't want to point fingers at the purpertrators *yet*), but it really is starting to feel like a huge waste of time trying to help anyone lately. Each time I try to help some of you guys, the shit gets thrown back on me (to the point where you guys are either a) completely confused/frazzled over what is happening/has happened or b) have no bloody clue what the real story is). I would like to believe I try to help everyone out to the best I possibly can, but the feedback I am receiving seems to be of the opinion that I am trying to get everyone else in the shit?

If anyone seems to feel this way, I would like to say now that this is not the case. It's been happening a fair bit lately, and frankly - I'm at the stage now where Craig Version 1.0 is making a return! Frankly, I'm sick and tired of hearing how it's my fault for trying to help *some of* you guys out, or how what I do is not good enough for me to offer assistance and get no where with it. Whilst I don't expect any praise or anything in return for helping you guys out (never have), I certainly do not appreciate being spoken to negatively nor have rumours/opinions spread over my assistance.

That's my rant for the last month, and yes - it had to be said. I'm driving myself insane here! I've just about killed my left leg (somehow I sprained it laying down on my bed? Felt WORSE than spraining something, but the after-affect appears to be soreness from a sprain) which isn't helping!

Anyway, a few things to come up over the next few weeks include *sekryt projakt* to be announced, redoing of my Video Game Music on keyboard (I brought an el-cheapo one with Midi) and possibly a few more midis as I have a few days at work off coming up.


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