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Counterfeit Yum Cha Products Anyone? (17/05/2009 05:50:25 PM)

I'm currently battling with potentially the strangest thing I have come across to do with Hardware and counterfeiting. It turns out that my Billionton Bluetooth USB Dongle is ... counterfeit. It's also more-bizarre-than-normal as Billionton itself is a Yum Cha company probably ripping off other designs as well. The company itself even boasts a counterfeit guide showing what to look for, as if a $7 Bluetooth dongle is worth all that hassle. Check the website out :

Anyway, turns out that Bluetooth itself isn't exactly free - and battling with Yum Cha products is making my hair fall out (not that some would consider that a bad thing)... But anyway, a rather strange thing.

- - Craig Mattson

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