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Long awaited update (10/02/2009 06:58:42 PM)

Hi All,

I know it's been a while since posting - but there's alot been happening too! So where do I start?


I'm now qualified, I have some experience and I can't find a job in IT. I suppose this is partly due to the fact that I am also not looking for many jobs at the moment, but there is definitely a decline in the number of jobs on offer - in particular for graduate students. It's annoying that I'm still doing Data Entry, now that I am qualified and all - and even that's coming to an end with Newspaper jobs declining (or at least, for CareerOne and Times Education Supplement).

The IT industry seems to be one of the hardest hit with the recession, and I suppose that stems from the attitude that businesses can function without Information Technology. One client has discovered why it is necessary to have an IT department, but in many cases it's just a scale back.

Microsoft announced that they were axing the Aces game studio (responsible for many franchises including Microsoft Flight Simulator and Train Simulator). One has to ask the question - why? Is Microsoft really suffering a bad loss by having Aces open? For a game so close to release - including procedural rendering technology in regards to DEM data, Train Simulator 2 was to become a showcase for this if you will, that could potentially open up the possibility of other Supply Chain / Logistics simulations and What-If Analysis simulation of transport systems. But apparently, this wasn't to be - and a potential loss for Microsoft. Not only that, but they also put on hold Flight Simulator - a game with over 25 years of development. Strange one though!


Ok - Monash is completely finished, and I'm glad. But you'd think with all their best efforts in causing many administrational errors, they would be able to produce a proper transcript? BZZZT! WRONG! Somehow, I was not enrolled in the Security and Net-Centric double major. Pretty darn annoying! So after a lengthy chase up of my Transcript, it turns out that they acknowledged they were wrong and amended my Transcript. Did this solve all the problems? No! I was expected to pay for a new Transcript. After some threats and quotations of the Trade Practices Act (1974), I received my new fancy Transcript with the specialisations listed.

I swear, with the dis-organisation of the university, I really do question how they would go with a larger faculty.

Last LAN:

GreenTubeLAN + DLC-Lan #2 was held on 31st January to 1st February and I must say - it was another fun event, although fun for a different reason. After the hot weather, I suppose it was only expected that we would have 10-15 people show up. This was rather disappointing for the figures to cover expenses, but none-the-less, we all had fun with a lot of games being played! The network was reasonable (although with 12 people, even a Gigabit Hub would have been suitable) and we played games all night.

I found out that Call of Duty 4 is much more fun when I don't have people telling me that it's fun. There's also a bus bearing the numbers 754 which is particularly close to 457. But yeah, compared to Counter Strike: Source, I much prefer it.

Anyway, cheers to Noel for the barbeque and the use of the hall again! We have tested and confirmed that we have a working PA system, so hopefully next LAN we will see beyond 40. As the numbers were extraordinarily low, this won't be considered a LAN that we have run, evident by the lack of photos and videos.

Anyway, bring on the next April LAN. I might even head off to Respawn before then to see what ideas and recruits I can get :)


For those who know, we've been under fire alert. I won't go into too many details - newspapers are plentiful here, but yes - we were under threat from the Bunyip fires. I am alright, as is my family. Just to show you how close we came, here's some photos.

Approximately 12:00PM :: Saturday 7th February 2009.

Approximately 3:00PM :: Saturday 7th February 2009.

Approximately 3:30PM :: Saturday 7th February 2009.

Approximately 4:00PM :: Saturday 7th February 2009.
Approximately 4:30PM :: Saturday 7th February 2009.
Approximately 4:30PM :: Saturday 7th February 2009.
Approximately 6:00PM :: Saturday 7th February 2009.
Anyway, I have other pictures of Labertouche and Jindivick - too many really to post here, so I may post them at a later date. The long story short is that I am safe. Not so for some of the families I know.

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