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YouTube Morons (13/01/2008 05:12:12 AM)

After watching more moronic actions from the inhabitants of this earth that we like to classify as humans on various media sites, no wonder there is so much discussion on the problems associated with the so-called "kudos" these idiots get.

This and this stunt are probably the lowest things I have ever seen recorded. Why? Not because the kid is stupid and running on the track, but because the imbosol didn't seem to consider the driver (or two) in this locomotive travelling at what could be up to 130km/h for one moment. Not only would the driver been shitting themselves (wouldn't you if some moron ran out pulling the same thing in a car?), but if the dickhead got hit, where does that leave the driver? Whilst many locomotive drivers return to the industry after accidents, some do not - the psychological burden left upon some of these drivers is enough to ensure they don't drive again.

Now what annoys me even more than the complete moron acting it out, is the support this guy is given from randoms on the internet saying how this guy has balls for completing such a STUPID act. With comments like this, those who are psychologically deranged end up contemplating their own variant of this stunt (and ultimately could get killed in the process).

Now, presumably if the kid died, what happens? The media goes crazy, the parents get shoved on Today Tonight/A Current Affair criticising the Train Driver because (s)he should have seen where (s)he was going, and how the kid is an A++++ student, a good kid and how (s)he is socially popular, whilst the train driver remains traumatised for life.

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