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End of 2007 (31/12/2007 06:23:34 AM)

So, another year down. Well, it was at the time of the post, so what am I doing? Well given I am posting this entry now, one could be thinking he's doing nothing special. You'd be right. Currently, I'm staring at the following:


If I tilt my head 90 degrees to the left, I see this:


So that explain what I'm doing for New Years Eve? Just sitting in my room, mucking about with computers trying desperately to get my Content Management System Version 3.0 finalised for use in the new year. Anyway, here are the random snarls over the last two weeks:


Yep, first topic is stupid dumb trains and their operators (yes, I realise Trains are objects without the ability to utilise any form of memory - thus invalidating the term dumb). It appears as if V/Line are not allowed to run their trains passed Pakenham causing me to waste valuable money in Petrol to travel to work the past week. Why have I driven? Well, to put it bluntly, trains on a weekend or public holiday timetable (letalone the free transport offered lately) would cause me to miss my bus connecting to work ontime. Weekdays should be fine and I will ofcourse test this myth out on Wednesday.


Work has been up and down like a yoyo. What is the point of running shifts that finish at like... 10:30AM? Or better still, todays 9:12AM! Whilst it means I have the rest of the day to do important things like shop for Christmas presents, buy myself an LCD or run around finding my brother parts for his PC, the trip in and out is just so boring. There's no form of civilisation until just before the turnoff to Monash Berwick! That's 60km of nothingness except cars overtaking me when I'm not exactly driving like a grandma.


Yeah, that thing called Christmas happened - lots of stress, running around and many more car trips planned (I had planned a total of zero and managed every day from Thursday to Monday). All for what? A morning of opening all those presents and having a lunch... almost like any other day on the calendar. It's all nice and fun to have Christmas and what ever, but is the prior week(s) (months for some families) of organisation really worth it in the end? Letalone all that money to make a single day special? Don't get me wrong, I'm not bagging out Christmas, but it just doesn't make sense to me atleast as per why people rack up huge debts to make someone happy for the day, letalone the stress before hand.

Hell, it taken me on the Saturday 45 minutes just to move 500m down the road from the Dandenong Market. All because some people didn't use their brains (maybe they should rely less on their kidneys) to work out that going through the town = not going to work. Seriously! Once I got to the end of the street, and still seen traffic banked up like no tomorrow, I was able to turn right, go up a few small residential streets and on the M1 towards Warragul in about 2 minutes. Rubbish!

Anyway - I'm really buggered, tired etc... I don't think I'll be up to see the new 2008 but yeah. One things for sure, nothing below a HD (overall mark) and definitely 1440x900 and 1280x800 are my new years resolutions (saved up around the $10,000 mark to buy a house for 2008 is my real sane resolution) ;) for 2008.

Happy New Years Peoples who can be stuffed to read this :) 

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