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Weird Al - Close But No Cigar Midi/MP3 (10/11/2007 06:49:00 PM)

Hi all,

It's been ages since my last post because of Work, Uni and Exams, but now that Uni has finished, and work is about to die down for the year, I am having some me time again :) First thing first, I sat down for about 4 hours last night and put together Weird Al's Close But No Cigar into Midi/MP3 and it's now finished (I'll perfect it maybe one day) so if you want to download the midi or mp3, then go to my music download page.

Exams were relatively easy (they get that way when they were all copy/paste of sample exams and replace the word and with the word but type of thing), and yeah... GreenTubeLAN 7 is coming up as soon as a venue is confirmed.

I'll make a proper post in a few days, but right now I have things to do - like finish CMS Version 3.0


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