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Ramblings (15/10/2007 10:19:36 AM)

Hi all,

The last week has been hectic without a working computer. Two assignments happened to be due within that week which is largely impossible to complete when your laptop dies, but somehow I managed to complete them.

My new Acer Aspire 1650 laptop is in aswell, and it's a typical non-IBM machine. That is; flimsy, wide screen, glossy screen, terrible keyboard, no trackpoint and runs substantially warmer than my ice cool IBM. But what can you do hey. I picked it up very cheap and it even has a decent video card in it (ATI Radeon x300 Dedicated), so most of the issues about it being flimsy are relatively void. Why? Well, if it lasts me one year - it's doing well...

Kuju Rail Simulator has just been released aswell, so I am just waiting for my import to come in so I can simulate ... er ... drive trains :) Preferably down a massive mountain so I can launch it into a tower hehehe...


I spent most of today dealing with the implementation of RADIUS for my latest assignment, and I thought Linux's implementation was largely complex (until I read the FreeRADIUS website rather than the random HOWTO's on the net). Once I followed some basic structure, I was successful in setting up a full accounting server to work closely with my M0n0wall. In reality, it taken about 20 minutes to set up after I followed instructions.

Now, one would have thought that using Microsoft IAS would have been easier, but just like DHCP and DNS on Windows Server 2003, it is quite the opposite!!! I simply could NOT get anything working with it. I either got rejected or just simply ignored. So who'd use it :P


Simply sucks! Read other blog posts for more details hehehe... Seriously though, the concept of using DataGrids and DataSets is all fine and dandy in applications, but when an application is introduced to the internet? There's just something about random and pointless controls that I don't like in ASP.NET. I'll be glad to go back to PHP after this semester :)

So... ok, there's absolutely nothing of any importance posted here. Only another full week to go :) Stupid University and Work! 

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