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The last two weeks. (08/09/2007 08:21:56 AM)

Hi all,

Well, I know it's not exactly breaking news now, but I still am chuckling over The Chaser team after their antics this week at the APEC summit, and yet again - the media (well, more correctly TT and ACA) is still saying "no one is laughing" at the stunt when polls state quite the contrary. I find it even more funny that the police are still looking at charging the 11 "Chaser's" that were involved, when in all reality - it was the fault of the security team letting fake pass holders and Osama Bin Laden enter within 10 meters of the building. One things for sure, I can't wait for next weeks episode.

In other news, I finally won my personal protest against FIT3024: Internetworking and Wireless Communications. Infact, I have no fees owing and I don't even get a DISCONTINUED on my transcript. Quite happy with that outcome, given the courses content was really dragging me down simply because Attenuation signals and launching satellites are not part of my Information Technology career. Maybe had the course been on routing and the TCP/IP suite, then I wouldn't have had to drop the unit.

Work is back on the agenda atleast for two more weeks which lets me afford petrol to go up and down the road to University, so yeah - that's been good and really appreciated. Have applied for a couple of new jobs for the summer period, so hopefully I can get a real boost for next year. Mainly back-to-school jobs (and knowing my luck, I'll get one for $10 an hour in Geelong or something stupid heheheh... Maybe I can find an actual Information Technology related job?

Today, my Content Management System Version 2.1 turns one year old. That's right, Friday 8th September 2006 was the day I first rolled out Content Management System Version 2.1 onto my website, followed by my slightly older version by one month on the Neerim Wolves website. So yeah, I am working on Version 3.0/Version 1.0 which is basically the next version under a new name given CraDanKa! is slowly dying down. It'll be pretty much abandoned as soon as my Google Applications work on my domain.

Um... yeah... not much other news except the new V/Line livery for FSH25 is out now running around for testing purposes, and well - it really does look shite. Not that I think the red and blue waas something special. I wouldn't mind seeing the Chicago Freight livery locomotives running infront of these though, would look sweet. I still prefer the Tangerine/Grey livery and the old VicRail blue and gold one. They stood out, and they never blurred in with the landscape :) I will admit, the H cars now look comfortable. A shame that only one service runs down our line thats a H set now (IIRC that is).


*UPDATE* My new e-mail addresses are working :)

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