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apt-get install life (11/08/2007 12:27:53 AM)

dishwasher_400 Well, I'm feeling much better today. At least I'm not trying to rip anyones head off anyway *yet*. In my last blog post, I said I had finished my Web Systems 3 assignment, to which I have and well, I thought I would post (after a few requests) a screenshot of the main page.

emoroadYesterday whilst *trying* to find somewhere to eat, we walked right down Waverley road only to find an interesting road. I wonder who decided to put Emo road in Caulfield/East Malvern and then decide to close the road for resurfacing! Only in Australia???

Apart from that, had the second easiest test of my life... Packet Analysis with Ethereal Wireshark and we were asked to write down certain parts of a packet header. Interestingly enough, I still managed to spend an hour or so doing stuff.

emoroad2_335 So um... not doing much. I have work coming up though between 30th of August and 1st September which should get me... $200 or so to pay the car rego, and hopefully get my tax return back ($123) which will pay for a couple of weeks in V/Line tickets, and yeah - then I'll be broke yet again *sigh* straight after it.

On top of the whole frigged up week thing, I just got a nice yellow envelope with a letter inside it telling me I have been called up for Jury Duty. At least because I am a full time student I can deny it, but otherwise I was expected to travel some 60km's to Morwell return with $38 per 4 hours which well... wouldn't pay for the petrol pretty much! Damn society.

Um... nothing more I could possibly think of rattling on about, except I truly suck at getting money off eBay... 1c for 3x Sticks of DDR RAM... pathetic. Even the expensive keyboard went $50 cheaper than one with a busted key so yeah - go figure.

***2:47PM UPDATE***: Many of you are wondering why I have got into the whole scam busting scene, well it's crap like this man received that prompts me to fuck about with these disgusting scammers. I have also had a couple of people I know lose money to them aswell. But yeah - interesting to read anyway as to how far people can go.

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