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Public Transport (30/01/2007 02:31:26 AM)

250pxhitxtrapfssFor those who know me know that I complain about public transport often. Generally Connex, but lately I have been a bit peeved with V/Line and their antics as well. For those who don't know, V/Line is a regional train and coach operator where as Connex is the Melbourne Suburban train operator. Lately, there has been some controversy over their train fleet and as a result Connex has had to remove some of their trains and replace them with Hitachis (the old stainless silver trains).

Well, today I went to Springvale to pick up a few computer components and was expecting an all day trip. Today for some reason was different. Everything today ran on time! I got to Warragul train station, and the train was there at 8:52, 2 MINUTES EARLY. I got to Dandenong at 9:42, 2 MINUTES EARLY. I caught my bus to Springvale at 9:46, and got there at about 10:06. I brought my components and went outside to wait a whole of 2 MINUTES to catch a bus to Springvale station. When I got to Springvale, a Pakenham bound train (Siemens by the way) arrived 2 MINUTES after I got there. I got to Pakenham on time to walk elsewhere to get some other components. I got back, where the V/Line train was 2 MINUTES early. I got back to Warragul at 12:50. Today was just one of those days where everything ran according to plan. Everything was on time, there was no waiting for trains etc... It seems that Connex's removal of a few services has infact increased the punctuality of trains! Strange one hey!

pentiumdQuite funny actually, as we arrived at Pakenham station (on my way to Dandenong), a Hitachi was on the other platform, and absolutely no one got on the Hitachi train! They all piled in the 2-unit V/Locity making it fairly crowded, but yeah - pretty much a scr3w you to Connex Wink I also heard today on my way back (at Pakenham station) a kid say 'look at the yucky train, its old and dirty'. The ironic thing is, Air Conditioning in trains tend to malfunction often (well, from what I've been on anyway) and you can't open windows. This is on top of the rock hard seats in the newer trains. I can't see what the problem is (unless the back 3 carriages are providing plenty of electrical smoke to cover the entire Dandenong station) especially when the trains have more comfortable seating, and WINDOWS to open! I can tell you now, I'd rather be on a train moving with a bit of a breeze and get home rather than stand on a platform for the next 30 minutes praying for a new train.

On another note, I have just set up a Pentium-D 925 computer system that is running at a nice cool 35*C in the ThermalTake Soprano case using the stock thermal paste and stock fan. More news to come on that when I finally get a hold of Windows XP 64 Bit Edition. 

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