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Grhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (09/08/2007 11:39:00 AM)

So bored... Yet again, todays class was appauling at best. What did we cover in the lecture? Information again not related in any way to the course. In the tutorial, we covered material I covered in Mathematical Methods in Year 12, Semester 2 but to a much more difficult scenario. I mean hell - this is stuff from Physics 101!

Why am I complaining? Well, it appears as if Monash really made a mistake when it came to admitting people into the course based on the grounds of low ENTER scores (the final year score for admission into universities) and only requiring Year 11 Mathematics (General). Apparently you can even bypass this unit (or RPL it) by completing Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Modules 1 and 2. Now, I have read into Modules 1 and 2 for my own benefit, and I never EVER seen the following things that have been conducted:

> Analysing a peer reviewed IEEE article based on Mobile Computing (answering if the article was of good quality, what referencing methods are used)
> Discussing how a Pizza gets ordered and delivered using a "Layered" approach
> Calculus methods for calculating signal attenuation, bandwidth etc... on CDMA networks

Yes guys, it's true! This is the type of material discussed in the course that can be credited by completing CCNA Modules 1 and 2. So yeah, I'm bored and somewhat annoyed.

Well, for the first time in my entire life, I have completed an assignment approximately 1 week before it is even due! Go Me! It's a website for an ASP.NET unit which covers some of the basic programming techniques in ASP.NET, and the topic is on Tumble Dryers. Pretty cool website, and once it is marked, I will upload it here as it could constitute as me copying off me... thanks to the new plagarism website detection thingo's.

Yesterday was a rather perculiar day. Infact, I was told by a particular someone that I wasn't respecting this person enough to talk to him online which wasn't a concern - the guy's totally useless for my benefit so for him to block me is well, nothing at all. Interestingly enough, I thought I would log into my own *sekrit projact* website which tells me how my clients websites are going in terms of websites that are using my CMS are concerned.

The project doesn't infringe on peoples privacy as my clients know this well and truly before I do the website. Helps me keep a list of Administration details handy for cross-site scripting to fix issues with (especially when some of my clients are clumbsy and lose both their hosting password and their admin password). To my utter dismay, I found 2 websites that came up that were rather odd (keep in mind, I hadn't checked this system for the last 3 months due to lack of clients) and what do you know, but this dickhead had removed all copyright notices which isn't that greater a concern. What floored me the most was the fact the bloody moron had replaced Powered by CraDanKa! CMS Version 2.1 with his own and passing it off as his own f***ing creation!

People wonder why I get pissed off greatly by certain people on the internet? Well - to be told I don't respect some nutcase enough only to find that my work is nothing to him is beyond me. I've dealt with many arseholes in my life, but nothing quite to this extent.

On top of this, but I had a rather perculiar e-mail back about sponsorship details from a particular IT related company for GreenTubeLAN asking if we are running another 50 player LAN as you did at number 2? My first instinct was to reply with "What are you on mate ;) We never ran a 50 player LAN" until it got me thinking. OK, this is only a theory at the moment, but how far can someone go with a god damned lie? As far as getting $200+ sponsorship?

So yeah - I don't know what to feel... Better go and sleep it off. Some fancy wancy test tomorrow for Network Standards and Specifications.

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