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Random Update (02/08/2007 10:36:02 AM)

emoticon_guy_looking_sad94579_129Hi all,

Well, where do I start? I'm jobless (I didn't get the support job at the plumbing company), I'm broke, my car has a flat battery and today's lecture and tutorial for one of my subjects was dead-set boring. BOOOOORING.


Still no word from Digital Motorworks, so I assume there's no work there which is a shame - the work was boring but doable and paid quite well I believe, but when there's no jobs to process, I suppose yeah - they have to make some cutbacks somewhere. Got the call Wednesday to make up some silly story about how we were all exceptional candidates (honestly, I'd prefer the you're too far out and you can't commit crap than the I feel sorry approach - especially when the interviewee's had wondered why I didn't have a job heheheh... but yeah if they had come up with the can't commit crap, it'd have been a lot easier to contemplate at the moment hehehe... so yeah) didn't get the gist of what was said over the phone as of the dodgey reception, all I know was I didn't get the job - none of my referees were called either Undecided


The money I had since June has well, been depleted... the car costs money, V/Line costs me money, food costs me money and now I am broke with money borrowed off my parents just so I can get down to Uni and back. See Jobless for more information ;)


On my very slow trip home, my red light came on for the battery and well, yeah - flat battery + night driving = slow trip to ensure I don't run into someone so I'm back to taking the bus maybe for Friday, but Tuesday and Thursday next week just can't happen until I get a battery!


Frankly, I'm getting sick of it... I'm getting really REALLY sick of going into a lecture and sitting down that it is so UNBEARABLE to even listen or read the notes. I'm getting sick of going to a Tutorial only to hear crap about questions that I can concentrate much better on my own with. I'm getting sick of well... Uni in general.

So yeah... not much news, just a random bitch hehehe... Hopefully this job situation gets sorted out in a couple of weeks... Looks like I'll be flipping burgers with you, Pranesh!


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