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Irony on the internet? (28/07/2007 10:28:40 AM)

Is it just me, or is this post hypocritical of itself?

......have read these stuff what whining people is saying. They're assholes who's bitching for nothing. The project what team is doing is free for us, and no-one dosnt pay to them, so they are free to do the mod when they want. I agree with that people wants this mod, but whining wont do the mod relasing faster. So stop whining and start to stimulate team, so they maybe would do something. But i would wanna too to get an update or some page, witch would tell us how the mod is going and stuff, not like updates, just telling what problems is and maybe when it's going to be finished.

I wonder if by any chance this guy himself would stop whinging? This is also from the same forums:

you're all idiots, learn to wait and stfu, end of.

Recon this guy would do the same? I suppose my point is I understand the concept of telling a group to shut up, but to add additional remarks like these 2 posts do is just absurd. That's like me saying something like STOP POSTING WHINGES!!! Think that's absurd? Check this one out:

every update produces like 100+ comments from guys whining for not releasing and additional 100+ comments from guys whining back to the whiners not to whine.
thats so sick. as if you could change something!

so what can we do? well, check the site once a month. then see - most likely - no progress at all. then leave the site. when its october grab a <console> and <game>.

and: as i am now commenting i can't refrain from giving another opinion:
obviously fanbase means shit to the <project> team - and the guy saying that there is communication (meaning the few comments in the forum) is the most sick of them all. i mean u can't tell this communication - no infos at all on any progress, no information what they are doing right now, no dev blog. we don't even know who is still in the team. oh i forgot: everyday they give us a fuckin picture showing them playing <game>. wow. if i want to see nice pictures i check so long

This is my favourite of all for obvious reasons. Not only does he whinge about the whingers, but he also manages to whinge about the whingers whinging. What makes me laugh even more is that people whinged about this guys whinge on top of his whinges... Following?


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