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Todays antics (27/07/2007 10:38:30 AM)

Hi all,

Well - today I had my first interview for any job (yes - that's correct, my first interview for a job) and well I suppose things went wellish (how am I supposed to know if I went good or not. I answered questions without boring the interviewer(s)) and well I suppose I find it all out whether I got the job (or not) on Wednesday. Anyway - now it is up to the referees and well I suppose this will be the test to see how satisfied some of my clients have been with my work. A little unsure of how it'll pan out (again, refer to the first interview component :D) so yeah - either way, I'll end up getting a position somewhere, someday, somehow......

Today's networking class was strange to say the least... Yet again work with ethereal revealed that many websites, including the famous MySpace send your password completely unencrypted in a network such that your POST requests well... are sent in plain text. This basically means if it's not a http, then programs like ethereal are going to well - turn up the password some way or another.

After observing it, you certainly don't want to be at a school, internet cafe or library (unless you use SSH for tunneling or some form of VPN) using MySpace... I would have thought they would have had an SSL layer for logins or even javascript for encryption atleast... but yeah - you've been warned ;)

This weekend I endeavour to have all clientel up to date with websites so that I can sit down and get a Tutorial knocked up for this weekends Marratech class 1:00PM Sunday :) Feel free to join in, I think I'll be covering the Assignment...

Anyway, sleepy times...


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