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MSY Damn You!!!! (26/07/2007 09:21:02 AM)

Today really has ticked me off in regards to MSY and the entire run around I have been doing for the past 4 weeks for clients. Today started out by me driving down to Caulfield for the first time with the total cost of the trip at $39.00 (versus my usual train ticket of $7.80) in both fuel and parking *sigh* and the reason to drive was to get some "stuff" for a Job interview I have tomorrow for a plumbing company at Clayton for IT Software Support (finally an interview for an IT position Surprised).

Anyway, once I got all of my "things" (Fountain Gate truly does suck for both parking and the 'right' shops), I went straight to MSY. I thought I'd be smart and turn off at Stud Rd, and move up Wellington Rd to MSY to avoid traffic congestion but as fate would have it, not 1, not 2 but 3 separate lane closures (1 on Stud, 2 on Wellington) brang traffic to a stand still.

I got to MSY, parked, walked in and waited about 30 minutes before I was served. I enquired about laptop bags for one of my clients and they just told me to go over to the wall where they were and well - yeah... I have a look and I can tell you now... I'm not PAYING $25 for nothing more than a neoprene folderish type of bag. Anyway, went back to CentreCom on Springvale Rd and well, they had no laptop bags so I just left.

I then went up to Suntrom (my favourite computer store) and well, they had laptop bags and I even asked to see them. When they shown me what they were, all well and good! Exactly what I was after at the right price as well. It's pretty pathetic when it comes to going to a store I normally by used/refurb'd PC's from to buy things I wouldn't expect them to stock. Not only do they actually have things in stock, but I'm not treated like a complete moron when going in there! So yeah, I think it's back to getting everything from Suntrom (even if they are a tad bit dearer, their customer service level is fantastic and always has been...)

Anyway, got to Caulfield, lecture was boring, Vista crashed XP and itself, Linux and Mac booted, lecture was boring, I browsed the internet, boring lecture followed by a boring tutorial that James snapped in (for all the right reasons Wink - how does reviewing a paper directly effect networking protocols I have no idea). Oh well, wish me luck - I may have money to continue uni shortly! (Still waiting for my tax return).

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