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Hospital Tycoon (15/06/2007 03:59:47 AM)

Hi All,

Today I for the first time loaded up Hospital Tycoon after working out why the hell it wouldn't run on my laptop - it turns out that it defaulted to high quality, 1024x768 on a not-up-to-scratch system. So, I got the game running only to be greated by the worst music imaginable - Bus Driver has much better music (even if it was made using FL Studio hehe). Anyway, I have never been a fan of any 'Tycoon' badged game (yes thats right, I didn't even like Rollercoaster Tycoon, Railroad Tycoon, Monopoly Tycoon, Transport Tycoon, Realestate Tycoon, even School Tycoon was a disapointment) so I wondered if this game was any different.

The main reason I do not like 'Tycoon' games is because they seem to require too much effort to do anything useful... I certainly found that with most of them I have played anyway - but is Hospital Tycoon any different? Well, coming from the Theme Hospital world, this game is nothing more than a rip off combined with the relationship management (probably better done in Hospital Tycoon though) from The Sims 2. After getting passed the crappy music, it was time to load the game up - and what the? The first 'mission' starts up as an introduction to some fubared American drama - it introduces your staff :S and they Talk! (which would have been OK if they didn't directly rip off the sims here - that garbled talk does not impress me).

Anyway, once I got passed this stage of the intro video (this is 10 minutes into the game by the way - given the stupendous load time on my laptop), it was time to play. Now, Theme Hospital made it easy - I remember the first time I played Theme Hospital as per how easy it was to build a room (that being build a building, place an object, build a desk, hire some staff with flashing queues) and Hospital Tycoon atleast had this element so that it was easy to work out where to start. The only problem here is that the 'helpful' doctor in Theme Hospital is replaced by a 'Teenager souding' Receptionist who talks just like a real Sim. You would have no idea how much hearing a high pitched sim voice really annoys me. Even in todays age, the characters can't speak! The queues in Theme Hospital "Doctor Requirity GP's Office" are helpful - the "meningbla gibulabla compnrenre" means diddly squat to me. Instead of building specialised rooms like Theme Hospital, you get to build pre-defined sizes (which is disapointing - I wanted a whole plot to be a Ward Frown) and put your items in there - which I suppose has it's advantages - instead of deleting a room, you can simply replace items in the room to make it a new one. Another great thing I found was the ability to put bin's ANYWHERE in the hospital.

So, a patient sees the reception desk as normal and goes to the 'Examination Room' where a Nurse sees the patient and takes her into the doctors office - in there, they are Examined (could you believe) for their illness and once done a POKEMON card came up called a Curedex (Pokedex???)! Whilst this is a great idea - it can be annoying that I have to click a Computer to find this card whereas Theme Hospital would just pop up a little icon to click (a green box with a ? or ! to be precise).

I suppose I'm just a bit disappointed in the whole game - it's not fun, it's quite boring infact. I couldn't get myself to play it anymore than the first Scene. There is just nothing fun in listening to some sim bitch for ages and have a hospital already built for me (that seems to be what the rest of the scenes are) and all I have to do is run and modify. I know there is a sandbox mode that may be a bit of fun - but really... there is alot of garbage in there to do anything.... A true Tycoon game hehe...

Before anyone says play it as Hospital Tycoon and Theme Hospital... Well, there was only one way to play it and I have been looking forward to this game for ages. It's a downright disappointment - no skill required, shitty music, an unhelpful doctor that tells me how to play the game speaking in a high pitched voice and relationships between stupid doctors and nurses is just unnecessary in a simulation designed to build a hospital. I suppose I should have seen it coming with School Tycoon ;)

I'll play it some more ofcourse before I give it my final verdict - but yeah... off to play Theme Hospital for a while ;)


UPDATE: Zer0 from Drouin updated me on the latest disaster with Public Transport. V/Nacho's!!!! are no longer for sale... infact they have been BANNED!!!!!!!!

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