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Sun Microsystems - how long until death? (14/06/2007 10:46:13 AM)

Hi all,

I don't know how many of you keep up with the exactly 6 years older than me, Sun Microsystems, but has anyone noticed the impending doom on Sun Microsystems? The once king-pin in both servers, desktops, operating systems and entire business consultancy is just going down the gurgler so-to-speak. What makes me say this? Well - has Sun Microsystems done anything major lately that will have increased their marketshare and profits?

Originally Sun created a version of Unix known today as Solaris which was their primary product, yet not that long ago, Sun Microsystems made Java an Open (Closed?) Source framework - why? Well, they claim it was a great move for Java to go down that path with little-to-no emphasis on why now, and not before. One of their greater achievements was purchasing the German made StarOffice. Star Office seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet with OpenOffice still in production (frankly, OpenOffice still needs alot of work before I would 100% switch to it... for starters - develop it in something OTHER than Java ;)), yet StarOffice which was a commercial product is being replaced by an Open Source productivity suite?

There's no point me reposting this recent action here with attempting to join OpenSolaris with the Linux community, but if you do read it - does anyone else believe with me that Sun Microsystems may be grasping at more straws trying to work something out to keep them out of the red?

I can honestly see within the next 5 to 10 years SUN Microsystems completely gone - a memory if you will given there seems to be no innovation from the company. As I said before - Sun seems to be about making it's projects Open... OpenSolaris, OpenOffice, OpenJava... they all use the GPL License now :)

It's just a theory - be interested to see other peoples thoughts on the matter. 

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