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No more V/Nacho's!!! (05/06/2007 04:13:11 AM)
Caption: No more V/Nacho's

No more V/Nacho's on atleast one more service thankyou to the truck driver who caused this today at 1:40. Just what V/Line needed - more trains down.

On a more serious note, I am forever seated in the BRN car (which is what's pictured above for those who don't know) and well - shit, looks like theres been some damage. I wonder if the train driver yet again steered into the truck?

Edit: On a side note, may I grab your attention to an earlier post I made some 4 months ago about my prediction that 6 months from the launch of Vista (from November when Business was released), Dual Core systems and RAM will be cheap. It seems that these predictions have come true with MSY offering 2048MB of RAM for under $100 and Dual Core processors (Pentium-D) from $115. By the time you build a new system up AND get a legit copy of Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium OEM for $170, then yeah - for under $1,000 - you will end up with a system more than adequate to power Windows Vista Home Premium - hehe I still think it's a waste :P

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