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Piece of Garbage! (31/05/2007 04:20:38 AM)

Right... Just as I have refreshed a Dell using the System Recovery CD set, this is really pissing me off with the amount of crap that is included with it!

Non-Standard Drivers:

Why on earth couldn't I just use the ATI Catalyst Drivers package I have on my server to update the driver? I was told the package was incompatible by ATI, yet it's a Radeon X1150 and I would have liked to see my updated package work. Instead, I had to download the same package, but from the Dell webpage containing some stupid Dell wrapper just to run.

The Yahoo! Toolbar

Ok, what the hell is up with Dell installing the Yahoo! Toolbar by default? I don't want or use Yahoo, and even if I did want to use a search engine, I know the god-damned URL for the website! For the record, I'm talking about the proper toolbar, not the simple search box in Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox.

Trial Software

Why oh why does a Dell machine include a trial for all of this stupid and pathetic software? Why do I have trials for word processing applications (ok, so Works isn't a trial - but it may aswell be!) and quick books? It is disgusting!

McAfee Security Suite!!!!!!

Ok, so this should be under Trial Software, but WTF! It's a bitch to remove cleanly and even if I did use it, it won't let me scan after the 30 day trial, theoretically making sure there is no security!

So, what are the alternatives that won't cost manufacturers?

Non-Standard Drivers: Very easy to fix - STOP putting stupid features on hardware!
Yahoo! Toolbar: Simply forget it - set Yahoo to the default search engine in Internet Explorer 7
Trial/Crippled Software: Open Office and AVG Anti Virus can easily replace Works and McAfee

Thoughts anyone? hehe... yes I know that these 'companies' pay Dell to include demo's on the PC's... something like $1-$2 each, but it mounts up.

Part 2 of the programming concepts post will be up next - I promise Tongue out

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