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Computers Versus Trains (14/05/2007 09:20:33 AM)

Although this is borrowed by a friend last year, I thought I would proliferate the point again in comparing PC's to Trains.

You should all know by now that there are 2 classes of processors (prior to Core 2 Duo). That was the Pentium-D, Celeron-D, Pentium-M and Celeron-M. Essentially, the D is like the Diesel Service operated by V/Line. Basically, they run faster, they run much further, they get into places others can't, they don't require a huge number of trips, they run express where others dont and are more expensive to purchase. They have a tendancy to sometimes run on time (more-so than others), but when they are late, you really know about it. The M on the other hand is like Metlink. They run slower, they don't travel as far, they work for most people, they have to run more cycles to keep up with demand and they are always delayed, cancelled or just rerouted down the wrong tracks.

Anyone who doesn't agree should be shot Wink


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