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GreenTubeLAN 5 Review (12/05/2007 09:13:33 AM)

Ok, so it's been a while since I have made a proper post given how busy I have been. University, Assignments, LAN Parties, and work just seem to mount up quite alot. Whilst I have a few moments, I suppose I had better make a 'review' on GreenTubeLAN.

The Bad:

  • Very very very poor turnout. To only have 15 from the 30 or so who registered actually make an appearance is beyond poor. Generally we don't run with less than 20, but this is the second we have had below this figure. We just simply cannot run with these conditions with the amount of time that goes into preparation.
  • The network seemed to be bottlenecked even with just 15. I've put it down to the DNS server trying to get a hold of the OptusNet Name Servers for each query so yeah - will be improved for next LAN.
  • The gaming consisted of Counter Strike Source and... um... yeah - that's about it. A little bit of variety, but yeah - Counter Strike Source - and I'm not a fan of FPS.
  • Other peoples input. I appreciate peoples input with how to run a LAN Party, but to be told out and out by more than one person that the way Matthew, Nick, Mike and I run the event is on the most part terrible is getting old.
  • Following on from the previous point, we do NOT need any servers. I am sick of people saying they have a server that is a top of the line server, and that we should use it because it's better than what I have. FFS! A Server contains a bunch of services. It is not necessary to have a huge amount of power for a handful of people connecting.
  • Coming through Rokeby Saturday Morning, a stanley knife was on the road. Basically a Tyre popped making sure that I couldn't make the train I needed to catch *sigh*
  • Lack of tournaments and organisation - Mainly due to the poor turnout. Maybe I would have been more inclined to dictate to others what's running if we could all agree on a damn game to play.
  • Lack of prizes. I must apologise to everyone about the lack of any prizes apart from those cheeseburger vouchers. Basically there are no funds left over to give prizes, so yeah.
  • People simply not registering. Seriously - if you want to come, REGISTER. Don't tell me Monday you didn't know about it!
  • Dale not showing up until about 45 minutes later arriving at Dandenong Station with about $2000 worth of equipment.
  • NO V/NACHOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Good:

  • Company for a change on the Train.
  • The fact I played more games at this LAN party than I ever played at any other one (mainly Theme Hospital contrary to popular beliefs about CSS being the ONLY game played).
  • More Train Simulator than ever before
  • It was relaxed, no complaints (mind you - I would rather someone tell me they want to play something - I apologise to the one that did where we couldn't get the interest in)
  • The Voucher/Honesty System actually worked. I know it's corny - but then again, so is V/Lines equivalent system ;) It did actually help out the can distribution.
  • I absolutely aniliated Matthew (DasBok) in Counter Strike Source despite his best efforts to knife me.
  • The Gigabit network sponsored by Phoenix LAN Group for the second time - very much appreciated guys.
  • I didn't end up waking up Monday morning with a chronic headache.

GreenTubeLAN's Warragul LAN Party

Anyone who would like a LAN party in Warragul really need to register their interest on the website. No, you aren't registering for the event but rather for the interest so we may have an indication of who would come to a LAN Party in Warragul.

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