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Todays Stories in Tech (26/01/2007 06:33:37 AM)

hp_touchsmart_pc_bOn my last some-what half-arsed attempt to run a blog generally involved computer news. Here's my thoughts in tech today.

iPhone not good for $600 according to HP
Apparently HP is claiming that there are issues with the $600 Apple manufactured iPhone. They claim that if a user drops their $600 phone whilst jogging, they lose their only form of communication. To combat the issue, HP are recommending consumers buy a $2,499 for a PC that is not portable, and will certainly cause more of a crater on earth than the Apple iPhone if dropped Laughing or so ZDNet is trying to convince with their article.

IBM Selling yet again their divisions
What is IBM doing these days? Well, IBM is becoming a consultancy company and to do so, they are selling off their product lines. We have already seen IBM sell off their Desktop and Notebook line to Lenovo, and now they are selling off their Printer line (I didn't even think IBM made printers Undecided) now to Ricoh so, I suppose we will see some form of improvements er... maybe.

iTunes is illegal according to Norway
Who'd have thought that a legal concept of buying music supposedly from a legitimate company has now been considered illegal under Norwegian law. This one has got me beat, but the reasoning apparently is that DRM means that you need an iPod to play the music which is somehow illegal. Just like buying a CD means you can only play it on a CD player, and a Record on a Record player Laughing

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