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What really happens in e-mail! (29/04/2007 02:08:12 AM)

img_0166_400Hi all,

I thought I would post today about something I found out when I was trying to muck about with my server farm. I had just finished setting up the RETIRED server for the LAN party (basically contains the lighter game servers for when a major one is taking up the resources on BITSERVER). Anyway, I thought I would somehow make a service on a new IP address for the SA-MP Official Server list, so I investigated using Ethereal what packets was being sent and recieved to see if I could come up with something to put the 2 SA-MP servers in a list.

Anyway, I found it truly funny when I had outlook opened in the background of my laptop and noticed the whole E-Mail request, so I thought I would scare you guys by posting how e-mail works:

Server Sends: +OK Hello There. <13098........@localhost.localdomain
Laptop Sends: AUTH
Server Sends: -ERR Invalid command.
Laptop Sends: USER
Server Sends: +OK Password required.
Laptop Sends: PASS mypasswordhere this was unencrypted in plain text!!!
Server Sends: +OK logged in.
Laptop Sends: STAT
Server Sends: +OK 0 0 this is basically no new emails
Laptop Sends: QUIT
Server Sends: +OK Bye-bye.

Now, I don't know what scares me more - the fact that e-mails are sent in a packet more distinguishable than POST and GET requests on webpages OR the fact that my laptop and the AussieSpace server were having quite an intelligent conversation together... IN ENGLISH!!!

Anyway, that's my rant for the day - I have also uploaded a picture of my current 'Server Farm' comprising of:

IBM Netvista M41: (Pentium IV-1.8GHz, 512MB of RAM, 160GB HDD, 100Mbit Ethernet)
Green Box: (Celeron 600MHz, 256MB of RAM, 10GB HDD, 100Mbit Ethernet, 802.11b Wifi, 100Mbit USB)
Dell Optiplex GX1: (Pentium II-400MHz, 128MB of RAM, 4.3GB HDD, 100Mbit Ethernet)

As some of you know, the IBM and Dell run Windaz and the Green Box runs Linux. All in all, not a bad network so far Surprised


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