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TV Sucks (10/04/2007 11:39:09 AM)
chasers_400Television has really done it this year. One of the most important aspects of everyones life is getting more and more screwed every minute of every day. I mean, does anyone actually have any idea on what is going on behind the scenes with ABC, Channel 7 (Prime), Channel 9 (Win) and Channel 10 (Southern Cross TEN)? Anyone noticing that they are getting away with unbelievable amounts of torture and tourment? Well, lets take a trip back about 6 months ago.

The Glass House (ABC) was a top rating show on the ABC, but thanks to some weird theory about the ABC not holding onto Glass House even to this day is beyond me. I certainly miss the show on a Wednesday night, was quite relaxing to see them digging up dirt on Australia and the world, mind you it's not all bad - The Chaser's War on Everything screens at 9:00PM and is making up for the dirt digging that The Glass House used to dish out. So much for political correctness hey :)

Outrageous Fortune (Channel 9/WIN) was a reasonable rating TV show that Eddie put on the list for being Australian content which really isn't true (apart from Grant Bowler who hosted The Mole for 3 seasons). It was screening during the non-ratings period on a Monday and Wednesday night and well, it's a show I quite enjoyed watching - so much so that I ordered the DVD's just so I can continue to watch it thanks to Channel 9/WIN removing it simply because it wasn't going to be counted as their Australian content or whatever it is. What do we have now during this time slot? Well, on a Wednesday night - you have Extreme Makeover, and on Monday? Footy Classified - as if there wasn't enough on channel 9 already *cough* The Footy Show *cough* for the football category. None-the-less, it's most likely never to return.

Kath and Kim (ABC/Channel 7/PRIME) is well, not much to say here but now is on Channel 7, so lets kick back and enjoy the 7:00PM time slot, followed by an 8:30PM timeslot, then why not throw in an 11:00PM time slot and a 10:30AM one? Why not? It seems to be the going thing for Channel 7 at the moment, they can never seem to keep a TV show in one time slot for more than 2 weeks in a row.

ofGreat Comedy Classics (Channel 7/PRIME) is a collection of old BBC shows such as Some Mothers Do Have Them, Are you being served, George and Mildred, On the Buses, The Benny Hill Show amongst others. Anyway, this weekend, it starts at 7:30PM. Last weekend, it started at 8:30PM. Last month, there was one instance it started at 10:30PM. I mean, do Channel 7 have this 'thing' about not keeping the right time? Or do they like pulling times out of a hat. It gets frusterating to sit down ready to watch a show only to see some other crap like highlights of the hilights football show hilighting what the news shown earlier of the game on 3 hours beforehand. Quite frankly, AFL is good and everything, but I don't need to live and breathe every minute of a singular game for the next 3 weeks :@

Lost (Channel 7/PRIME) well... see a pattern? Lost is (well it seems to be anyway) the first show to be moved or postponed in the event of a special being shown. For example, last week there was a special footy match on. Interestingly enough, none other than Lost was postponed to show this match. Last year, Steve Irwin died, so none other than Channel 7 postpones Lost to showcase a 30 minute recap of what 60 Minutes had done on the Sunday which was a recap of every god-damned news channel explaining how the stingray pierced him. I think all Australians got the point after the first day... Well, hopefully nothing this week will postpone Lost again ;)

CSI (Channel 9/WIN) is obviously more than just one TV series. As a matter of fact, there's many variations which you would know about... unless you live under a rock on Sunday nights in particular... CSI, CSI Miami, True CSI... kinda gets boring after a while of watching fictional (and not fictional) TV Shows, especially when during the week there are many other Crime related TV shows on... I'm sure Channel 9 could fit a bit more variety such as maybe... Outrageous Fortune on a Sunday Night?

The Chasers War on Everything (ABC/ABC2) is a great show - but 3 times a week... the same episode... then you can download it... maybe they are running out of shows such as The Glass House maybe? It's shown on Wednesday nights, Friday nights and Sunday nights (ABC2) letalone downloading the episode from their website. It would be nice if instead of repeating it twice in one week, they may actually think about introducing a new TV show? Like hell I suppose which is disappointing... Maybe they will give it the flick when The IT Crowd Season 2 is shown later this year... We'll see on that one I suppose

lost_400As you can see, TV is screwed! Although I haven't mentioned Channel 10, most of you guys already know I'm pissed off with their constant 10 minutes late garbage, and well - it'd be nice if they didn't repeat Thank God You're Here, but I suppose at 6:30pm on a Sunday night, there ain't much else on hey ;) I could ofcourse watch some crap Channel 7 came up with (used to like Red) and 20 to 1 that's on Tuesday aswell... Oh well, so TV just isn't as exiting as last year (when I used to look forward to Wednesday nights beginning with TGYH, Spicks and Specks which I havent seen an episode this year, some random BBC show, The Glass House and then something on channel 7). I suppose it gives me an excuse to do Uni work though :(

Anyhoo - GreenTubeLAN is only in a few days, so get off your ask and register ;)


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