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This weeks happenings... (31/03/2007 11:08:44 PM)

Well, it's been a while now since I have posted, and although I haven't entirely been busy, there's a few things that have happened.

shot2sm_400Grand Theft Auto IV
Interestingly enough, the trailer for GTA IV was released this week and all I can say is wow... look at the detail in this one. Again, the game appears to be set in Liberty City and looks like the player will be part of the Russian mafia this time which will be an interesting scenario. In short, can't wait until October 2007! The video was recorded using their new RAGE engine and all we know, is it was recorded on a console.

Multi Theft Auto
Man these guys are taking ages. All we really want is a synchronised GTA Multiplayer game, and they go right ahead and insert 'wow' features. Surely enough, it will be more advanced than their compeditors at SA-MP, but what for? Just a few gravitational fixes, some vehicle mods and custom number plates? This game just isn't GTA anymore Wink I just hope MTASA (DM) will be synchronised enough so I can run around with a gun and shoot people.

How easy is university?
First assessment for the year happened Friday whereby all we did was a 1 hour test in unix... kinda finished it in 5 minutes. Very easy test, everyone walked out except for Yousenix who er... forgot the ../ in one question hehe...

GreenTubeLAN 5: CNAP for Short
Dates been confirmed guys! Sign up here for it! Not much I can say about it, its all on the GreenTubeLAN website. Um... we have a new logo Laughing

Still working, but not for the next 2 weeks. Instead, I will be doing another 2 webpages for a few dollars. With this, some work at DMI and Whiskey Creek paid up, I should have a car by the 3rd week of April (hopefully). Definitely have one by GreenTubeLAN 5 anyway.

So... I suppose I will now take my leave.


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