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OMG IT'S NOT A LINUX POST Part 2 (22/03/2007 05:57:03 AM)

Hi all,

Got back from my first day of work at 7:00PM this afternoon, and well, what a long day. At least they are paying me for it :D and quite a good dollar compared to the rest of the jobs I had applied for (and never heard back) so all is good. Now, what is it with Melbournians and Stage 4 water restrictions?!?!?!!? I mean FFS! We have had water restrictions stage 3 here for ages, and farmers in Thorpdale have had stage 4 for ages. For some reason, I think the farmers here need a bit more of a break than the people in Melbourne. Boo hoo, you can't water your gardens. We have been dealing with this for ages.

Anyway, that's my bitch for today,


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