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Linux Router (18/03/2007 03:29:52 AM)

180307_1810_400Well, I finally finished my Linux Router Project today, however it was yesterday I was reading on Digg about a guy who posted something to the effect of saying he set up a Linux Router in Ubuntu and the common response was 'this is nothing new' and 'think of the electricity wasted in powering the machine'. Well, although I tend to agree with DHCP chewing up too much electricity if that's all that's installed on a machine is not a viable option over a router, I don't know of many routers that can achieve what I have done right here.

Basically my router consists of: Intel Celeron 600MHz, 128MB RAM, 4.3GB HDD, CD-ROM, PCI Ethernet (Directly to Switch), PCI Wireless Card (802.11b in Master Mode) and a USB Ethernet (Directly to Router/Modem). It also has the following features: DHCP, DNS, WINS, SAMBA, Apache2, PHP5, MySQL 5, Webmin 1.330, Squid, SSH, FTP, Firewall/IPTables and SSL. This isn't alot for a machine of it's magnitude, especially when the website merely contains a small intranet site for hosting files, and displaying information. The Webmin component provides a web interface controlling all of these features of the server whilst SSH controls the OS itself. The system boots up in a respectable 60 seconds from power on (which can be made quicker by disabling RAM checking and IDE checking) and during this time bridges the PCI Ethernet and Wireless card, and obtains an IP Address via DHCP from the WAN Interface.

180307_1811_400Ideally, the system has become much more than a router. It provides a local intranet, website blocking (both keyword based and url based), bandwidth limiting per user (quota or speed), and updating to increase functionality is a case of running apt-get install at times. Overall, it is a speedy system for what its designed to do for a total cost of: a machine given to me because it's old and a $29 Asus 10/100 8 port Switch. The server has become a small data warehouse too containing databases for 3-4 applications and services on other computers whilst containing facilities to back up these computers (CRON).  Not bad for a machine using only 50MB of RAM (obviously more RAM is used when more and more people are looking at the website).

So, what am I using it for? Well, technically it's been specifically built for GreenTubeLAN, however given the nature of the Content Management System included and the servers name being called Intranet on a domain greentube.lan, it's fairly easy to modify or implement for a variety of other events that require a collection of PC's to both translate Windows and Unix hostnames with each other (something that most SOHO routers have issues with).

Anyway, over the next few weeks, I hopefully will be trialing a new commenting process, however it requires a user to 'activate' their comment by having an activation e-mail sent with each one they post. The other option is that darn squiggly text crap... I'll see what I plan on doing anyway :P


Oh and I am off to a training session for a new job :o

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