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Evil Prevails... (02/03/2007 01:28:41 AM)

It's a fantastic thing when scum can get around the law, yet you are the one that cops the full hand of it. You know - the kind where the 'law breaker' gets treated better than the 'victim'? Well it appears as if a certain forum that I belonged to prior to today appears to have allowed a particular rule breaker to well, take over the forum and is quite allowable to break rules. Long story short, be f***ed if I am going to put up with the shit.

Anyway, on a brighter topic, a big announcement in the GTA community is one where a trailer seems more exiting than the prospects of a game being completed Surprised There have been a few rumours at least so far about the upcoming installment of GTA. I am actually wondering if the trailer is an April Fools joke (you know, given last years GTA Chicago one) or it is the real thing. I'll do some searching tomorrow on whether Rockstar did make an official announcement or something later on. The second major rumour is the possible use of the Euphoria engine, and look at the pretty logo over at rockstar's website.

Well, I have a CMS Version 3 calling me, so better do some work on it.


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