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Welcome to my Blog (25/01/2007 12:56:42 AM)

971f_12_400Well, here I am. First blog. First post. First sentence. First Paragraph. Um, er... I suppose I should start by posting some garbage about myself, you know - like most people on the internet do. I should start off by saying I am some sort of male model, athletic, fit, party person, top band musician and earning $200,000 per year and er... have a 2007 Ford XR8 but that would be stupid Surprised look I just did! Well, actually if you call 'male model' building and showcasing some nice computers, athletic as in hacking (it's considered some form of sport Tongue out), fit as in fit to sit in a chair all day in front of a computer or TV, party person as in someone who co-ordinates LAN parties once in a blue moon, top band musician as in playing video game music on a dilapidated keyboard in a one man band who doesn't even play publicly (apart from YouTube), earning $200,000 as in earning $200,000 in Theme Hospital, or GTA or The Sims and a 2007 XR8 as in I am looking at getting a 1987-1988 Ford Fairlane ZL because of a little accident I had last year, then yes I fit that description very well Wink.

Nothing remotely interesting happened today, so I can't even give you some wrap up about anything insignificant. Um... I had an argument with a guy on messenger about how crap Windows Vista will be, I uploaded this website and finally CentreCom stocks the Pentium D 925 processor. So, yeah - very interesting day. Hopefully I have something more interesting tomorrow Laughing

This is Orb!ter, Signing Off!

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