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A Stupid theory in Technology (23/02/2007 02:27:33 AM)
After the frusteration in resolving linux host names to windows (and believe me, the internet is NOT helpful), I'm tempted to give up on it entirely and go back to Windows Server 2003. So, what version do I choose? Well preferably one suitable for the task. How about Windows Server 2003 Web edition? One would think that a Web distribution of Windows Server 2003 would support websites right? Well, all well and good until one looks at using Microsoft SQL Server!!!?!?!?! Well, it appears as if our friends at Microsoft have crippled the web edition to not allow Microsoft SQL Server to run. This begs the question, is Windows Server 2003 Web edition really fit to be called one when they cripple what SQL servers you can run? *sigh* Back to linux :(

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