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News, news, news! (29/01/2010 07:31:32 AM)

I don't generally re-post news items but today will be an exception. The Herald Sun (one of the two leading daily news papers in Melbourne) has been quite amusing today covering how flawed the law is in Australia.

Notorious sex fiend on the run, but Herald Sun cannot identify him because of privacy concerns

We have an escapist in Victoria, and a potentially dangerous one at that - and we can't publicly name him in the view of possibly catching him? A perfect example of the law protecting the guilty. I'm also impressed that the ankle bracelet does not have GPS tracking in it? What the hell? I seriously hope this guy doesn't re-offend before being captured!

Driver fined for blowing nose in van

This is just pathetic. Yes, it happened in the UK - but seriously! Blowing your nose in traffic? Apparently in comparison, this is as "dangerous" or "bad" to speeding and drink driving (particularly if you align the fine issued with Victorian fines). I seriously hope for the sake of Australians that this ridiculous law doesn't come into effect. Surely there are better things the police could be doing with their time instead of booking people for being hygienic! This guy however, was named - unlike the offender in the first article.

Man 'filled parking meters with glue'

Probably the funniest article I have read all week - and potentially the most amusing thing to have on your Criminal Record. I love the bail condition though: "that he not go within 20 metres of any parking meter, and is due to face North Sydney Local Court on February 23". Turns out this guy can't be named (or the Herald Sun didn't investigate who it was). At least we know Parking Meters in Sydney are now safe for another week.

Craig Mattson.

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