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New Multi-platform Game Idea... (iPhone, PC, Xbox 360, Pocket PC (03/01/2010 01:08:27 PM)

Hi All,

Aside from doing absolutely nothing over the last 10 days (well, it's been a holiday away from work - but really looking forward to going back), I'm on the hunt for a graphics designer who would be interested in doing some tile-based 2D / 3D work for a small game plan I have. I'm kind of between projects at the moment, but one idea I have could be relatively successful in the indie scene. Something that would take about 6 weeks development time once I have the resources at my disposal to piece together.

Requirements? Well, not much really - just looking for a modern 2D Cartoony style of drawing. Things like Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Bros, Knights on Rush for the iPhone, World of Goo etc... just something graphically easy on the eyes.

These ideas aren't huge, or designed to generate a substantial amount of income, but there would be benefits to the right individual.

Craig Mattson.

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