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Protoman Theme on Piano / Keyboard - YouTube Video. (29/12/2009 06:01:48 PM)

Wow! My Video Camera I brought almost 2 years ago has finally been used. Well, sort of. More like I'm feeling incredibly bored at the moment. Not used to time off work! (I go back to work on January 4th... so still a little while!) Anyhow - the video camera has been used a few times, but now finally for its intended purpose! I've started going through the requests for the last 6 months via YouTube and E-Mail. Beginning with a new top-down version of Proto-Man on Keyboard. There'll be a few more blog posts in the coming days (sorry tech blogs picking up the RSS feed, you're about to be spammed!).

Anyway - here's the first of about 5; re-recorded.

Craig Mattson.

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