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Busy, busy, busy. (06/07/2009 05:42:01 AM)
My apologies for the late blogging, but while I have an hour or so this morning on the train - now would be the most appropriate time to blog. Anyway, here are the highlights and topics for the week:

Work Life
Not much more on last week really. I'm now working on an ASP.Net system designed as an inhouse product (which basically means we have the power to approve and reject features as we see fit). The latter half of the week involved playing with spreadsheets and rewriting formulae to work in our application. This was pretty cool - although the amount of code written versus time spent is pretty low - but I suppose there's not much you can do about it while you try to dissect a spreadsheet full of ridiculous formulae and a long testing procedure. I'd imagine I'll be starting the week finalising one calculator, and apparently this week - I get myself an introduction to the system. Unfortunately, they had a party on some yacht across the Yarra Friday night - disappointing as I thought I had other arrangements - I couldn't feasibly go. I'm sure there'll be plenty more where that came from though and hopefully I can make the time to get to a few.

Back in regards to Calculators, I thought C# and VB were supposed to be equals. If that is so, why the hell are all the financial calculations under Microsoft.VisualBasic.Financials?????? Sure, I can import them to C#, but why is there no global class? Grhhhh!
Mobile Internet
Seriously, what is the point. No, I'm not talking about Mobile Internet being pointless - just that there are some nights my Mobile Internet drops in and out with the only way to reconnect to launch an internet application on the iPhone. Where the HELL is the always on component? More importantly, what's the point of having 3G if all it's going to do is drop in the middle of a phone call? I'm not too impressed given I'm paying $70 a month for the service! It's a joke.
The Future of GreenTubeLAN
Last night, the 4 of us who run it got online for a meeting about the future of GreenTubeLAN, and we're all of the same opinion. GreenTubeLAN as a public entity has run it's course. It's clear that the combination with DLC-Lan works, however we have lost alot of people over the years and those still coming would register for just about any LAN with any name. So that's why GreenTubeLAN will be going invite-only and when we want to run it with about 15-20 people. The fact is none of the admin team (myself included) have much time to prepare much and we've been burned at the last few LAN's after many days of preparation (whether it's people not showing up or the gods against us - complete power failure in Narre Warren rings a bell!).

So yeah - it is with great regret we are rolling back the operations to an invite-only LAN, but this decision shouldn't affect many people. I will still be around DLC-Lan as will most of the other staff. We will still have 60 player LAN's in Frankston, just not under the banner of GreenTubeLAN. There is talk of a reshuffle with admin and staff for a more publicly aimed LAN in Frankston and I'll keep everyone updated here as the news comes. I suspect some decision will be reached during the first week of August.
That's about it for this week I'm afraid. There isn't a lot of news, I haven't moved out yet (although this week there's a few $120-$140 pw units in Drouin about 500m from the Station I will look at checking out during the week!) and yeah...

- - Craig Mattson

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