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First week at work amongst other things... (21/06/2009 07:57:29 AM)

Ok... so it's Sunday morning, and I did promise an update on the weekend (so those of me through various IM clients who have been bugging me for this update, here it is!!!).

Work has been interesting. I've been getting up at 5:30AM each morning to catch the 6:51AM train from Drouin, got myself a weekly ticket which was expensive - but much cheaper than a couple of driving trips. The good thing about paying full fare is First Class seems like a bargain which is particularly useful for the 6:25PM Bairnsdale service. Travel does also consist of one tram change which has proven to not be much of a problem at all. In fact, although I spend anywhere from 1:30 to 2:00 to get to work (and of course, again on the reverse), the travel time seems like nothing. I suppose I do have work to do, music that needs listening, people who need my technical expertise etc... But otherwise, the trip to and from is pretty easy and relaxing.

As you would expect, moving into a development job does require a good understanding of what systems you will be working on. Unfortunately for me, these systems make Access Education look like Hello World even with it's 40 tables and 200 stored procedures, it's nothing compared to the first system I am working on. So yeah, it's quite daunting.

This week has mainly been reading Source Code, setting up my computer, setting up Virtual Machines, setting up IIS7 (which after installing one system, I've learned heaps about Application Pools and Components) and setting up COM+. By about Wednesday, I had the chance to look at Source Code and start to piece together the workings of one application. Classic ASP is pretty easy, and particularly, the integration with COM / VB6 does make things more appealing than PHP in regards to setting up complex business applications. By the way, I really should put a plug in here for Professional Active Server Pages 3.0 by Wrox as the book is easy for beginners and covers a complex range of integration topics namely Active Directory, ADO, XML, COM and COM+, Message Queuing etc... So yeah, if you need to learn Classic ASP, that's the book you want! Much better than Google + Brain!

On Friday, I was finally given some bugs to look at fixing, and I'm happy to report that I was able to offer a fix for it. Although, the fix was with a Stored Procedure rather than the application code - I was pretty happy with myself.

So, do I like the job? I honestly don't know. This week, for the first time in my life, I thought I was a complete dud. That is; I wasn't understanding things as well as I would have liked which conflicts with everything I have done. Towards the end of the week, I was feeling much better - especially after being able to do something useful! The other thing I'm not good at is relaxing. I'm a person who wants to do stuff. I don't like to wait, I don't like feeling like not achieving anything. I know it's not the right attitude to have when it comes to programming (the Access Education website was similar in regards to not achieving much in a single day), but yeah - just getting used to the whole proper development role for a company has been interesting thus far. Compared to my other jobs I have had, the days go very quickly. That's a bonus as far as I'm concerned at the moment.

So yeah - in other news, Railworks has finally been released - on Steam. If you signed up like I told you to do (on the website), you will find it available for $29.99USD with your promotional code. So get downloading! There's a million improvements in regards to signalling and lighting, and worth the $38.06AUD it cost me when I brought it.

Also - there is a possibility of a LAN Party happening in Seaford again, this time not run by GreenTubeLAN + DLC-Lan. Instead, Neon from SAN-LAN is looking to do something in August if interested. Keep an eye on the DLC-Lan forums. I'll be there!

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