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I'm now employed... full time! (09/06/2009 09:45:38 PM)

Hi All,

I think I've told most people now, but if you haven't heard - I've finally scored myself a job as a .NET Developer in Richmond, Victoria. The title so far is ambigious - given my first set of tasks will be to learn ASP and maintain an existing system (that IS correct - ASP, not ASP.Net - using VBScript, not C#). This isn't so bad either. While I have never actually completed any ASP work before, I have played with VBScript - and given the years I've played with Visual Basic, ASP does look pretty easy - albeit frustrating without semi-colons.

It's quite funny actually - looking back on Visual Basic, I knew my way around it pretty well prior to 2006 (when I actually used it religiously) - but trying to remember NOT to place semi-colons and to use "Dim <name> as <Object>" instead of "Object <name>" - it's almost like going backwards! The good news though is my PHP skills are translating over nicely - and good to see the striking similarities between both platforms.

There was one thing that striked me as odd though in the interview. For one, I didn't realise XML / XSD / XSLT's are used much in the industry. I couldn't fathom why we covered such a boring and mundane task in Web Systems 2 at University, but I'm glad I did - and more importantly - remember the concepts taught in the two weeks we covered it. I mean, I know XML is the backbone of most communications (you look at SOAP, NAB Transact's XML API guide, Configuration Files in .NET in general) - I suppose it makes sense to understand XSLT's to skin and separate your data.

Anyway - the good news is that I can, finally and regretfully, move on from current part-time and casual employment and launch a career in IT. I know I've done a lot of work for various clients over the years and most of that work has kept me afloat through Secondary College and University. I am appreciative of the support both employers and clients have given me over the past few years, but now is the time for me to move on and get some proper industry experience.

I start Monday 15th June - so it'll be a very interesting (and tiresome week I would imagine). I've never actually completed 5 days straight; 9:00AM to 5:00PM going to work. Sure, I've pulled about 2 years of no breaks - but I swear, it's going to be a cultural shock to have set hours, regular and secure pay, weekends off and ANNUAL LEAVE!!!!!

- - Craig Mattson

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