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What a load of ... (23/05/2009 02:34:14 PM)

garbage! I must have missed the absurd claim by Sunrise in April made by Peter Blasina "The Gadget Guy" who suggested the internet was filling up - but apparently the claim was made and has caused a stir (I haven't heard about this until today, so I can't imagine the stir being so great). So who better to get on board than the Herald Sun of the internet? That's right! ZDNet is on the prowl again trying to make a funny out of the most absurd statement I've heard in a long time.

Maybe the notion that there are not enough IP addresses in IPv4 (i.e. to to allocate to each machine is the problem - but this is where a temporary solution of NAT may be useful for home internet users. Not everyone needs a physical IP address. But with IPv6 making headway, this still is a ridiculous claim. Maybe the reference is to the pipeline between Australia and other countries in which can be fixed (and probably will be).

Anyway - I will wait for the next absurdity...

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