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I haven't done anything new lately. (16/05/2009 09:44:14 PM)

Looking through Windows Live Messenger today, I found that apparently I have a profile of some description that people can find or something to that effect. I think it's trying to be another social engineering site - and failing... clearly. The fact that it thinks I've done nothing new lately is absurd - and clearly a demonstration of how sucky Microsoft is at determining what I am doing "lately" in my life. Lets start with the last two weeks.

Sunday 3rd May: A few clients called with some minor problems in regards to websites, applications, or general needing help with computers. Easy to deal with as they come while I worked on a few packaging ideas for one of my work places.

Monday 4th May: Work - plenty of it! Must have performed at least 10 miracles.

Tuesday 5th May: Rostered day off... or so it was to be. Has one client on the phone for most of the day with website related issues. I was going to use it to catch up on other client work - but noooo... the calls just kept coming in.

Wednesday 6th May: Work again - photo taking this time though for a product catalogue. After listening to a billion excuses for why things aren't done / don't work, I went home to answer 4 - 5 client calls.

Thursday 7th May: Website maintenance at it's best. Sometimes, people just need to look at the facts rather than listen to the voice of one person. Anyway, another pressure filled day.

Friday 8th May: A day of absolute mayhem. Apart from working late, traffic was annoying and waiting was worse. Good news was the Nando's in Ringwood! Bad news was home at midnight. In bed sleeping by 2AM.

Saturday 9th May: Worst possible Saturday ever - while we were understaffed as it was, we still managed to process the work and then it was time to do some Mothers Day Shopping. For the first time ever, I drove to Frankston, seen a bunch of cars around, couldn't find a car park so I drove to Warragul. The first time I haven't felt like stopping!!! Anyway, did the shopping - Warragul is completely dead after 5:00PM Saturday.

Sunday 10th May: HEAD FRYERS ALL DAY! If it's not my old web host playing up, it's some one wanting something for nothing. Good news was the slight 1 hour distraction in the afternoon to be a human Java Debugger. The concept is quite simple. Java has a shithouse debugger. Go back home to a tremendously large amount of waahs!

Monday 11th May: Got some packaging approved, got some cards ordered, a really good day for productivity.

Tuesday 12th May: Another day of head fryers. This was GOING to be the day I spent on one client's website - but completely overrun with a billion issues with another. Should put a side note here for data recovery - an actual real existing assignment deleted. The world brings new surprises. All data was recovered nicely.

Wednesday 13th May: The most unproductive day I have had at work. Made one change to a card - and that's it. I suppose I did some more catalogue work - but I could have done this at home where I was set up to do it.

Thursday 14th May: Head Frying day. Spent the day striving for an idiot-proof website. Clearly that won't ever happen, but getting close. Rode 2 different Hitachi's today mind you! That was a positive, even if it was for the total of one station each time.

Friday 15th May: What do you do to kill time after finishing work at 2:30PM? You go for the worlds slowest drive to Fountain Gate, spend the longest time possible in Cash Converters trying to spend money, find the furthest plausible McDonalds with Free Wifi, find the one in Berwick is a good enough drive, spend an hour eating potentially the worlds most disgusting meal (it's up there with Tandoori King), drive back to Fountain Gate to check out what Harvey Norman is selling cheap, buy a cheap $10 3.5mm Retractable cable with a 10% discount ($9), drive back to Berwick 1 hour before I was supposed to, figure out what is around Berwick (I was contemplating at one stage seeing how quick I could drive to Lilydale and back), ready to watch a game of Hockey. Got home late (again) ready for the internet to drop out every chance it could to irritate me. The final thing to tick me off was AMH losing 3 months worth of data due to a corrupt backup. Guess what's on the cards Sunday :(

Saturday 16th May: Adidas and their sales... Good work to all those bargain hunters that taken up all our parking space for work. At least I got a park. Quite funny to see the police around booking illegally parked cars mind you.

So as far as Craig hasn't done anything new lately? Well sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry if I can't be arsed updating the what I've done page on some profile I stumbled across today.

* * * * * *

On a more serious note, I've not just gone over the threshold - I've passed it well and truly this time. The lack of energy, lack of motivation etc... at the moment in conjunction with not being able to secure many interviews has worn my patience thin. I'm not in need of more clients, more websites etc... I'm tired and worn out. Finishing up where I am is the goal now - I'm hoping to take 4-5 days off all work at the start of next month. (Starting Saturday arvo until Saturday the following week).

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