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GreenTubeLAN 4: The G Stands For Games (03/02/2007 01:50:12 AM)

header_400Hi all, this is just a friendly message to say GreenTubeLAN 4: The G stands for Games will be held in 2 weekends from today, being the 17th to 18th of February, 2007. As always, venue is open for participants at 12:00PM Saturday, and finishes 8:00AM Sunday.

Please note that registrations will be made slightly different this time. They will be done on the site, and stored in a database to make it easier to accept payments. Feel free to register here!

GreenTubeLAN 4: The G stands for Games
Cost: $15 per head, no free entry. Entry is to be paid prior to entering the venue
Includes: A share in $50 worth of chips, access to bottles of drink in plastic cups
Capacity: 40 Participants
Venue: Frankston North
Special Items:
Additional Information: Basically we are trying to gather enough funds from this LAN so that we can find a venue capable of seating 100 participants. This is why the price is $15, and only includes a share in $50 worth of chips.
Network Infrastructure: *gasp* Most likely 100Mbit dissipated over multiple hubs. Make sure you have games installed for this very reason (unless someone can come up with a gigabit hub for a backbone).
Prizes: 1st Place in AoE 2 Tournament, 1st & 2nd Place in UT2k4 Tournament, 1st Place in V8 Challenge Tournament. Prizes pool is valued at $40.

Yeah, shut up - I'm advertising on my own blog Money mouth

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