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Five things driving me nuts!!! (23/03/2009 10:44:59 PM)

Number 5: On the weekend when I was in Frankston with Michael buying up on very cheap video games, someone asked us where the bottle shop was. Normally this wouldn't drive me nuts, but you know - we're in Frankston and some dude asked ME where a bottle shop was.

The thing that drives me nuts, is we were walking along the Nepean Hwy and well - I didn't even know where one was! WHAT GIVES!!! It's FRANKSTON!

Number 4: Modem kicking in and out - it's back on the blink, and I still haven't got my new router set up yet. You'd think I would instead of whinging about it here, but none-the-less - driving me nuts!

Number 3: ASP.Net, MySQL and Windows Server 2003 combination. Since when was Web Development so hard? Soooo many tiny bugs and it's still not done! Let's hope I can pull through on this one.

Number 2:  I haven't got a proper job, and I haven't moved out yet. I'm still at home... in the middle of no where... at 21. Once I get a full time job, and hopefully soooooooooon! I can move closer to Drouin / Warragul to make my daily commute to work easy.

NUMBER 1: I have NOT been on Public Transport since January! How could this be? I mean... I have lost my concession, but I miss it. I'm having TWS or BWS... Not the liquer store, I'm talking Train and Bus Withdrawl Symptoms... If I don't get this fixed soon... who knows what will happen.


On a slightly more interesting note about Public Transport, since I haven't been on it - my phone has racked up 84 SMS's with late/cancelled trains. Glad I'm NOT on them! Let's hope next week I get to use them... in fact, this Thursday - I might take a trip to Caulfield by Train.

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